FEMA Regions: Find Your Campsite!

Posted: May 27, 2015 in Uncategorized
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bp_fema_regions_map.gifFEMA REGIONS & INTERNMENT CAMPS

Many people are still unaware that FEMA Regions even exist. Those who are blisfuly unaware, would be even more shocked to find out things like, REX 84, FM 3-39.40 (Internment & Resettlement Operations) & the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act, all involve FEMA, the continuity of Government, and the creation, funding, supply, and building of FEMA Camps. ( All links provided at the bottom of page )

Before FEMA Camps, it was black helicopters that were used to make fun of ‘crazies’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’ . But now, they have an all new, bigger, badder, more ridiculous conspiracy that they can use to label those of us who are awake. FEMA Camps.

FEMA Camps, go along with FEMA Regions. Although we know of only 6 that have been commissioned for construction, the bill actually states no less than 6, meaning of course, with that sort of watered down-bureaucratic wish wash, it’s very likely there are at least 10. This would account for all 10 FEMA regions.

 This map is directly from FEMA’s own website. Prior to about a year ago, this exact image had been available online for at least 3-4 years that I know of, but only on ‘conspiracy websites’. However, they were forced to release all information that the public already knew, because of the leaks.

What Region Are You?

The following list will outline each FEMA Region, and the States in the Region:

FEMA Region I

– Connecticut
– Massachusetts
– Maine
– New Hampshire
– Rhode Island
– Vermont

FEMA Region II

– New York
– New Jersey
– Puerto Rico
– United States Virgin Islands 


– Washington D.C.
– Deleware
– Maryland
– Virginia
– West Virginia
– Pennsylvania

FEMA Region IV

– Kentucky
– Florida
– Georgia
– Alabama
– South Carolina
– North Carolina
– Mississippi
– Tennessee

FEMA Region V

– Illinois
– Indiana
– Michigan
– Minnesota
– Ohio
– Wisconsin

FEMA Region VI

– Arkansas
– Louisiana
– New Mexico
– Oklahoma
– Texas


– Iowa
– Kansas
– Missouri
– Nebraska


– Colorado
– Montana
– South Dakota
– North Dakota
– Wyoming
– Utah

FEMA Region IV

– Arizona
– California
– Nevada
– Hawaii
– Pacific Islands 

FEMA Region X

– Alaska
– Idaho
– Washington
– Oregon






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