Kylie Jenner Tweets About Chemtrails

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Andrew Pontbriand
May 26, 2015

People are starting to look up in our skies and ask,  “what are they spraying?” And that question is not limited to the average person.  Celebrities are speaking out too.

Kylie Jenner recently tweeted a photo with Chemtrail spraying,  wondering if it is part of an “extermination.” Of course,  the Mainstream Media is quickly attacking her for asking these questions,  calling her a full on “Conspiracy Theorist. ” Maybe if she posted a nude photo or sex tape the media would praise her.

See the original story here.

  1. eastghostcom says:

    the media would praise a naked Kylie Jenner, the same way they praise a Brucette (trans)Jenner — you see, it’s tribal ( ) and it’s been done before to destroy a culture


  2. James says:

    I live in Augusta , Ga and I work near the airport and I have actually seen planes fly around groups of clouds. Spraying through them them and when they come out the other side no more spray. So they are turning it on and off. I have seen them make a cargo net of sorts and group up bunches of clouds together. Now, after these clouds are bunched up together I have noticed that they travel North. The clouds move up that way and Snow alot or rain alot??? I believe the Government is moving the water sources to the eastcoast. Look at California they are almost dried up. But last winter everytime I noticed them grouping the clouds together the Northern states would get hammered with snow a few days later!!! Mark my words… Sonething is going on?? Moving water sources to sell to other states because they don’t have any??? It might be a future dirty business???


    • James, I have a friend that lives I’m Georgia who said the same thing. I live in Massachusetts and he would jokingly tell me they were spraying so be ready for a snow storm. A week later we’d get clobbered. It’s real


  3. Jessica says:

    I live in the NYC area and everytime I see them spray heavily the temperature drops 20* degrees. We had a brutally long and dark winter that lasted til April. What did I see out my window everyday without fail those planes spraying junk in the sky. P.S. When the next person tells you you are a conspiracy nut, have them explain to you why it is the Swedish governrment admits to them and why it is the water supply throughout the US & Europe just all happens to be contaminated with aluminum?


    • eastghostcom says:

      A 1974 cover of TIME MAG (zog controlled, see boombs, “THE COMING ICE-AGE” — and NASA just recently revealed that polar ice caps have been growing since 2005. GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE video shows AL GORE inverted the science — that the Carbon Dioxide is just as likely caused by the cooling, not the Gore-way around. Anyone remember all the hype (again, in Zionic mass media) during the 1990’s about all the “smog” in LA. And for at least the past decades or so, not one peep about that anymore. It strikes me that the “smog” was a meme implanted into the sheeple, as a means to let them explain away the chemtrail assault that was planned and already underway. This relates to HAARP — see the patents by BERNARD EASTLUND. I recently watched 2003 movie CONTROL FACTOR, and it, along with ENEMY OF THE STATE and THEY LIVE, despite being probable predictive programming, is surprisingly predictive of what has come to pass (except the aliens and mass-blindness portrayed in THEY LIVE … we hope!)


  4. eastghostcom says:
    These are the most important sites I’ve found that deeply research and cross-connect what’s going on.


  5. eastghostcom says:

    The chemtrails link to nanotech, transhumanism, weather modification, HAARP and microwave energy attack (for that, and how it causes cancer, see and the youtubes by DR MAGDA HAVAS), and to Obama’s science czar, whose 1,400 page ECOSCIENCE textbook examines ways to secretly sterilize everyone by poisoning the public water supplies (and that’s not even the most diabolical scheme) — see it for your doubting, ignorant self — — that kind of mass-depopulative, eugenicidal conniving is coveted, kept, rewarded all the way at the top. It’s all interconnected. Please wake up soon. Chemtrails also relate to feminization — the USAF’s “gay bomb” (google it) and more, as revealed by DR CURTIS DUNCAN — The UN has been revealed as Luciferian by its own core writings — — and it doesn’t matter how much you don’t or won’t believe it — THEY believe it, and THEY act on it — ever heard of the CRUSADES? The INQUISITION? YOU ARE IN PERIL, UNDER ATTACK, ON ALL LEVELS.


  6. eastghostcom says:

    Anyone else notice the chemtrails in Kylie’s pic form a pentagram shape? The DC streets do that, too (see CORT LINDAHL geomantic info sys youtubes). The Concentration / Delousing Camps of WW2 do that, too — google ‘concentration camps pentagram geography’ and look at the startling images. Who can do that? And Why? Nagasaki and Hiroshima were epicenters for Christianity in Japan, they were not military targets. Google it. First planned fire-storm bombing was Dresden, making it a literal Hell on Earth — Dresden was home of Martin Luther of the Protestant Reformation. War is ritual killing, as noted by FREEMANTV and DOUGLAS DIETRICH — a mass sacrifice, to demons, according to DIETRICH — anyone who doubts the extremely powerful, deeply religious undercurrents to war is simply ignorant beyond reach. Look at youtubes by ERIC JON PHELPS and see his — the TRUTH is out there, scattered around, and it takes time and constant effort to gather it from the growing number of weeds and misdirects. You better believe that belief and zealotry is at the core of the conflicts, however disbelieving and agnostic you’ve been conditioned to be.


  7. eastghostcom says:

    Now that’s all baby-step stuff that you should already be familiar with (but possibly are not yet) — When you’re ready to have your head really spun around a few times, google FLAT EARTH by a guy named SARGENT and watch his extremely compelling youtubes. Globes are in kindergarten classrooms for babies who can just freshly speak but not yet reason — the brainwash conditioning seed is sowed early. It leads to possibly the hugest deception. SAINT EINSTEIN PDF with 2,000 footnotes proves Ein was a ZOG-promoted shill and plagiarist (who took the theory of relativity from his wife, who took it from her hometown Jesuit monk / monastery) for the purpose of being THE major deception / mislead for all of science, and disempowering free energy by leading away from Tesla (google ERIC DOLLARD and a guy named MEYL – both are called TESLA 2.0). See also — and remember it was ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI (of presidential fame and halls of power) who first talked seriously about robotoids and cyborg androids in the public eye, as leaders, figureheads. Their millenia of total, thorough lies and control machinations are being exposed. You must maintain an open mind or go nuts and shut down into utter subjugation — Orwell said the new slavery they’re working on is the boot stamping on the head forever…the same slavery described by Aldous Huxley in which the sheeple are rendered as unlikely to revolt against their bankster Luciferian masters as the sheep are unaware of those who make of them mutton. Will you WTFU, or will you (and every single of your offspring, if such are allowed to exist) remain mutton?


  8. Xheesie says:

    If you are trying to say that geoengineering and solar radiation “management” (a.k.a. “chem trails,” a U.S.A.F. term coined by the good folks at the Wright-Patterson A.F.B. in Ohio, where they were cooked up) programs are a “hoax,” then why were these the topic of discussion at a United Nations summit?


  9. […] It’s not that often that we hear famous people talk about chemtrails and it’s certainly rare to hear them bring the subject up at concerts. To me, I think it’s wonderful when this happens, it’s good to see someone with such a huge platform speak up about these topics. Not long ago we got a surprise from Kylie Jenner when she decided to take to Twitter and post about chemtrails. […]


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