BREAKING: Founder of The Silk Road Sentenced to Life for Nonviolent Crime

Posted: May 29, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Breaking news. image Andrew Pontbriand

May 29, 2015

Ross Ulbricht, founder of The Silk Road, has been sentenced to life in prison today.

The Silk Road was what some would call the “internet’s black market.” It was one of the few place where the free market thrived, absent government regulations. However, Ross Ulbricht learned the hard way that if you steal business from the government, they will surely lock you in a cage for the rest of your life.

Ulbricht was convicted of several charges including narcotics trafficking, running a criminal enterprise, money laundering, and computer hacking. All of these so-called crimes are nonviolent, and realistically, only hurt the government by way of regulatory avoidance. Even so, the maximum penalty of life in prison was handed down like it was nothing. It is hard to imagine that we can call America the land of the free with a straight face, when our justice system, and Federal government hand down entrepreneurs life sentences simply for building an ingenious deep web place of business.

The pattern of persecuting nonviolent offenders (with libertarian leanings that supporter Ron Paul) seems to have no end in sight, and this case is clearly being used to make an example, as the biggest bully on the block, the Federal government, demonstrates what happens when you don’t pay your tribute. Ross was just 29 years old when he was arrested.

Oddly, the life in prison sentence was even “beyond what the prosecution requested,” as many speculated he would not get a life sentence.

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  1. AE44 says:

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  2. If his crimes are worthy of a life sentence, I want the same judge on Hillary’s Benghazi trial, Obama’s treason trial, and Holder’s malfeasance trial.

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  3. hughyonn says:

    We are witnessing crimes against humanity…
    What are we going to do about it…?

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  4. betz says:

    All “white” Americans must unite against the ruling class in D.C….how is the question. Ya, white. The time has come for WHITE civil rights,


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