Tainted Trial: How the Government Got Life in Ross Ulbricht’s Case

Posted: May 31, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Andrew Pontbriand

May 31, 2015 


Every step up you go in court adds another layer of possible corruption, buy-offs, and in high-profile cases used to set precedent, Kangaroo Courts. It is quite simple, the higher up the justice system ladder you go, the more rampant and lucrative injustice becomes. That is to say, a District Court case involving a few nobodies involved in a bar fight is executed normally and by the book, whereas a high-profile case with a Federal indictment can easily conjure up paid witnesses, bought and paid for judges, trumped-up charges, and an all out Kangaroo Court.

Was this the case in Silk Road Founder, Ross Ulbricht’s trial which just passed down a sentence of life in prison?

On October 2, 2013 at 3:15 pm Ross Ulbricht was arrested in San Fransisco and charged with money laundering, narcotics trafficking, computer hacking, conspiracy to traffic narcotics, and conspiracy to commit murder [for hire] among others.

The trial from the start was seemingly over reaching and harsh in terms of the prosecution and constant labeling of Ross. During the trial, the defense called for a mistrial no less than 5 times, as it became clear early that the chips were stacked against the defense and Ross Ulbricht alike. This was especially true from a mass media standpoint, which shifted the trial away from evidence and fact, to hearsay, circumstance, profiling and misdirection.

The charges against Ulbricht in regards to murder for hire were brought against him In New York, however he was never indicted on the charges. Even so, the media constantly labeled Ross as a criminal mastermind with a “willingness to use violence,” parroted by the prosecution over and over again which with no doubt helped the jury reach their findings. Ross was never indicted on any charges of murder for hire, which is telling considering you can be indicted on hearsay alone. Judge Nathaniel Fox simply said back in 2013 when denying Ulbricht’s bail, that they had “powerful evidence,” of a murder for hire plot.

The Government was able to paint Ross as an evil man who evaded taxes, used violence, and caused several overdoses. They fail to mention though, that each individual who overdosed made the personal choice to log on to their TOR browser, sign in to the Silk Road, and order their drug of choice. This is akin to arresting every American teacher for facilitating drug deals, simply because they provide the classroom where possible dealers and buyers can meet.

The final outcome was life I’m prison, and being found guilty for narcotic’s trafficking, distribution of narcotics by means of the internet, narcotics trafficking conspiracy, a kingpin charge, conspiracy to aide and abet computer hacking, conspiracy to traffic in fraudulent identity documents, and money laundering conspiracy. Of course, the Kingpin charge, carries a hefty 20 year sentence, but nonetheless the what-could-be trumpt up murder for hire charges were certainly used as a weapon to not only demonize Ross, but to ensure the government got the life sentence it sought in order to set a precedent for future online “crimes,” that fit into this category.

The defense does plan to appeal, which is an uphill battle.

Please share this article to raise awareness. The precedent set here is that akin to thought crimes. Although Ross never physically or knowingly and purposely hurt anyone, he is (as of now) going to spend the rest of his life in Prison. We cannot allow the federal government and their runaway prosecutors to get away with these actions. This is 1984 in 2015, live and in color!

Free Ross Ulbricht

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