Special Report: Website “The Counted” Tracks Police Shootings of Americans

Posted: June 4, 2015 in Business, Law, Media, Police brutality, Rights, Society
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Andrew Pontbriand

June 4, 2015

You wouldn’t think a country like the United States, that is supposedly the most free and prosperous country in the world, because of its freedom, would need to have a website to track police shootings. No, not police shootings where the officers are shot by criminals — police shootings where out of control Militarized police unload dozens of rounds of ammunition into the bodies of citizens.

The website, is actually a page that runs on the Guardians website, and it is called ‘The Counted.’

The Counted is a huge database with records of Americans killed by police (by year), and offers you the ability to report, or give a tip of a recent shooting you may know about.

From The Counted:

The Counted is a project by the Guardian – and you – working to count the number of people killed by police and other law enforcement agencies in the United States throughout 2015, to monitor their demographics and to tell the stories of how they died.

The database will combine Guardian reporting with verified crowd-sourced information to build a more comprehensive record of such fatalities. The Counted is the most thorough public accounting for deadly use of force in the US, but it will operate as an imperfect work in progress – and will be updated by Guardian reporters and interactive journalists as frequently and as promptly as possible.

Contributions of any information that may improve the quality of our data will be greatly welcomed as we work from a dearth of available information toward better accountability. Please contact us to pass on tips, links and multimedia as well as new information on existing cases already recorded.

It is reported by Jon Swaine, Oliver Laughland and Jamiles Lartey. It is designed and produced by Kenan Davis, Rich Harris, Nadja Popovich and Kenton Powell.

Report on Freddie Gray from 'The Counted'

Report on Freddie Gray from ‘The Counted’

Currently, the only official database that offers statistics or reports on the deaths of Americans at the hands of police is run by the FBI, which lists “justifiable homicides”, which it defines as “the killing of a felon in the line of duty.” This in itself implies that the website seeks to only list incidents where the person who was shot, was a “felon.” Additional research fails to show whether or not the FBI actually does its due diligence in listing those who are actually guilty of felonious crimes. Furthermore, police departments are NOT required to report such statistics to the FBI; the submissions are completely voluntary.

The Counted is a completely interactive, and user-friendly website and is a step in the right direction. The database gives details of each individual incident with information on whether the individual was armed, or if he/she has been found guilty or not. While viewing the yellow bulletins that show each report, you can click on links to news articles, share the report to Facebook, e-mail, and more.

So far, the website shows that the Police in 2015 have already killed 472 people, as I reported earlier in my article about Dillon Taylor’s murder. These numbers show no sign of slowing down as this trend continues, and the American subconscious becomes more weary of police. This is of course something nobody wants, but until it somehow begins to resolve, websites such as The Counted, via The Guardian, can help keep both the people, and the Police accountable.


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