#McKinney Protests Continue as Black Panthers Arrive

Posted: June 8, 2015 in Activism, Breaking News, Police brutality, Policy, Protest, US News
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Hundreds rally against police action in McKinney, Texas.

Andrew Pontbriand

June 8, 2015

Protests are continuing in McKinney, Texas were hundreds gathered and marched to demonstrate against the violent actions of the McKinney police. The officer most notably involved, Officer Casebolt, has been put on leave pending an investigation, as I reported on earlier with my in -depth report on the events that transpired.

Hundreds turned out, and they marched to the pool where the teenagers attended the party, that would turn into a wild encounter with police running around in circles, chasing 14 and 15 year old teens, swearing and even pulling a gun on them after throwing one young girl to the ground by her braids.

Reverand Ronald Wright, executive director of Justice Seekers Texas, says Officer Casebolt should be fired at the very least.

“Were going to ask for justice to be done , and this is ridiculous that we continue to fight these type of issues throughout out country,” he said. He then added that the Officer should be fired and lose his license, because it was based on race.

Black Panthers and The Nation of Islam was also reported to have been, and still are in attendance.

NBPP in McKinneyNBPP in McKinney

It seems in the most obvious of ways, the larger issue of out of control police all over the country has once again been sidelined to race. Not that race ISN’T important, it’s that the media will pounce on that, and stear the narrative.

No word how long the protests will continue. We will keep you updated.

  1. Deb says:

    That was a racially mixed neighborhood
    it was private property.
    The woman who posted the Twitter to anyone and everyone to come to that Private Community Pool knew better.
    That was a violation of that community
    This was a SET-UP to create more racial tension…..and it was not a WHITE NEIGHBORHOOD….That was a racially Mixed Neighborhood with hard working people.
    Those 139 teenagers are adult size and when they began fighting and vandalizing property, breaking windows and car windows…..The Police were called…..Gee what would you do?
    This is another pre-arranged scenero to blame on someone else again…
    Now look.
    Bet me those thugs will be back later to burn that neighborhood down……Wow, did Soros pay these people like he did in Ferguson and Baltimore…..Bet me it was….

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