In-Depth Report At McKinney Police Violence: Media Response Ignores Larger Issue

Posted: June 8, 2015 in Accountability, Breaking News, Media, Police brutality, Police State, Rights, Special Report
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Andrew Pontbriand

June 8, 2015

An in-depth look at McKinney Texas, media portrayal, the officer involved, and race baiting tactics used to fuel the fire.

What has quickly turned into a nationwide story, the town of McKinney, Texas  is the new center of attention for Americans. This is yet again another example of the increasingly common use of excessive force by police, but this time it is against a group of teenagers exclusively black.

Understanding McKinney

McKinney, Texas is one the fastest growing suburbs, and although racial segregation is a thing of the past, it is still present in a town like McKinney.

In 2009, the town settled a lawsuit that alleged it was blocking the development of affordable housing that would be built to suit tenants with a section 8 voucher. The buildings were set for construction in the western partnofnthe city, that has more middle-upper class homes, and is 86% white, according to the lawsuit.

Highway 75 is what seems to seperate McKinney into to parts. One, the previously mentioned mostly white west end, and the east side with about 49% white with the remaining 51%, “non-white.”

All 3 of the cities public pools are located on the east end, and since the city was willing to negotiate to have the housing community built on the east end, seemed to indicated racial steering and segregation.

Craig Ranch North

The incident occurred in the 2,200 acre master-planned community known was Craig Ranch North. The sprawling single home community has a “community center” with two swimming pools. Also included in the community center is a playground and park. The facilities given their private nature, are paid for by the homeowners association’s. This enables private rules to be made, which includes who can, and can’t use the pool. What you must remember though, is you cannot discriminate for race even on private grounds, not just for moral reasons, but if for no other reason, simply because their are blacks residents living there.

The Incident

On Friday afternoon a pool party turned violent after a parent and child reportedly had an altercation. Several residents had called police due to the large number of attendees, some with guest passes, and some without, after the altercation and then teens who were not invited refused to leave.

The real violence and actual incident though was not caused by the “large number of black teens,” but by the McKinney Police department, and more notably, officer Eric Casebolt. Officer Casebolt was caught on camera swearing at the teens, and violently throwing 15 year old Dajerria Becton to the ground by her braids. Thereafter, a teenage boy, came to the aid of Becton, by running towards Cpl. Casebolt which is when he pulled out his gun and pursued the teens.

Cpl Eric Casebolt has been placed on Administrative leave pending an investigation. Mayor Brian Loughmiller said he was “disturbed and concerned,” after viewing the YouTube video.

Violent Obsessions of Officer Casebolt

The officer depicted in the Viral Video who has been placed on leave, Eric Casebolt, is no stranger to violence. Officer Casebolt served in the Navy from 1993 to 2003. He then became a military police officer in Oklahoma City. According to his LinkedIn page, his responsibilities as a military police officer included patrol, DWI investigation and force protection and counter-terrorism. While he was an operations specialist, from 1993 to 2000, Casebolt said he was a tactical information coordinator on the USS Lake Champlain guided missile cruiser.Furthermore Casebolt was a combat air controller, RADAR operator, shipboard engagement and tactics instructor and a shipboard security and tactics team leader.

Casebolt has worked in McKinney since August 2005, first as an officer and then as a corporal, his current position. Just 7 years ago, he was named the department’s Officer of the Year .

An examination of Eric Casebolts YouTube channel seems to outline and paint a disturbing picture. It seems the officer had a wild obsession with violence and fighting. An even elementary analysis would also suggest that at the very least, Casebolt was mildly racist. The camera man who shot the viral video, Brandon Brooks, is a white teenager that was roaming around videotaping the officer while he rounded up and verbally assaulted, almost exclusively, people of color. Brooks was able to walk around unmolested while recording the mayhem.

Take a look at images that were taken as a screenshot of Casebrooks YouTube channel below for reference:


“Decase73” discovered to be Eric Casebolts account, with a playlist of fighting and martial arts videos, and videos of police being “attacked.”

This suggests very plainly Casebrook spent a lot of time searching violent videos. More below:


Amazingly, as the screenshot above proves, Officer Casebolt was able to search for, watch, AND add the very video that shows himself brutalized teens and using excessive force, escalating  the incident rather than deescalating the incident, as he was obviously very well equipped and trained to do.

These images give a peek at what kind of person Officer Casebolt was. It seems he has violent tendacies and sociopathic behavior considering he added a video of himself using excessive force on teenagers to his own playlist.

What we have in the end is yet another case of police wrong doing. Another example of how even veteran police officers with credentials, and verifiable and extensive training are engaging the public at a large violently.

Then media as expected, is using the McKinney events, and exploiting teenagers by using this horrible act to cause racial divide. The real issue that should stand out to the public is NOT race, but is the continuing belittlement of citizens, white and black by police officers all over the country. It will not be denied however, that this was certainly a cop fueled by racism and violent tendencies.

The bigger picture we must focus on together though, both white and black, is police brutality and the continuing out of control police state America.

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