Worcester (MA) Police Invite Citizens to Participate in Big Brother Spy Grid

Posted: June 9, 2015 in Big brother, NSA, Police State, Privacy, Spying, Worcester
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Andrew Pontbriand
June 9, 2015

(Worcester) – The Worcester Police Department made an interesting post on their Facebook page today; “if you can see this, then we can see you.”

From their Facebook Page: 

Worcester Police Department (Official)


The Worcester Police Department is rolling out a new free program called the Worcester PD Camera Collaborative.

The Worcester Police Department is currently enrolled in several multi-media platforms to include the Worcester PD Mobile App, Text- A –Tip, and CrimeReports .com. All of these services are free and available to the public through the Worcester PD Mobile App.

Starting this week citizens will be able to register their private cameras with the Worcester Police Department through CrimeReports.com Camera Registration program. This program is a great way to help deter and solve crime quickly in your community. Providing your local law enforcement agency with the location of your security camera empowers them with the information needed to catch criminals faster, and since you own the camera, your participation always remains 100% voluntary. Additionally, the Worcester Police Department will provide participants with window decals that advertise your participation. So, while your cameras can solve crime, your participation can prevent it altogether.

By enrolling in this program Investigators will be able to pull up a map showing registered cameras with the owners contact information. If a crime occurs in an area that has registered cameras investigators will be able to click the camera icon on the map which will show the contact information along with the direction your cameras are pointing towards. Your cameras will not be streaming to the police department. If the police believe your cameras may have captured a crime we will then contact you. Your information is kept safe and secure; never made public. Only local law enforcement can see it.

To register for this program simply go to www.crimereports.com and and click register camera. If you already have an email and password you can simply go to the next step. If you have not signed up with CrimeReports.com you will need to create a user name and password. This site also allows you to get emails concerning crime activity in your neighborhood.
You can also log onto WorcesterMA.gov/police – click on Administration Division-then click on Community & Neighborhood Crime Statistics.

Participants who sign up with this new initiative will receive this sticker that that can be displayed on their property.

With government intrusion at an all time high, citizens should be very weary of a program like this. Giving government –albeit the police, access to your cameras is dangerous at the very least. Of course, I will get the old, “what are you afraid of? I don’t have nothing to hide, and if you’re not doing anything wrong you shouldn’t have to worry.” Or even a “this is good for the community, it will help the police catch bad guys.”

However, people fail to realize this is just another small piece to the MUCH larger puzzle of a giant snitch society, and monitored civilization where Big Brother is at arm’s length and around every corner. This is directly out of the pages of the book “1984,” and people are jumping for joy. For example, one person said, “very good idea! Nice job! Saves a lot of leg work!” You can see the rest of the comments on the Worcester Police Facebook .

Now, in neighborhoods that have relatively high crime, people who participate are going to be giving up their own privacy to gain a little more security.

The point here is, even the police say “your information will never be made public, only the police can see it.” Oh gee, well thats reassuring! I feel so much better now that the police are the ones who can see it?

Of course, in these high crime neighborhoods, it would be nice to catch some murderers or rapists in the act, so it becomes easier to get them off the street. But, what about situations with a conflict of interest? Lets suppose, house A is water the lawn and while on their own property, they are being bothered by 2 teenage boys and one thing leads to another, and one of the boys ends up being murdered. Now, the homeowner goes inside and realized he just videotaped himself killing this young boy, so he erases the footage and shuts the camera off, then calls the police to report the shooting only to say, “my darn camera was off too!” Of course, this is a rare example and a stretch, but things happen.

Not to mention, if the police are caught on camera violating rights, or killing someone without justification, seeing they are the only people who can see the footage, you can bet your bottom dollar that footage will disappear.

So, what do you think? Should people participate in these programs, even though it is a fact the government has already been spying on our e-mails, texts, phone calls, etc?


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