REPORT: You Have Been Misled Regarding TPA/TAA

Posted: June 12, 2015 in Government, Rights, TAA, TPP, Trade, Votes
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Andrew Pontbriand

June 12, 2015

Oh the joys of business in Washington DC, otherwise known as the Armpit of America. If you can’t tell a lie in the 10 square, you won’t hack it with the hacks.

Per usual, corporate media and government has lied to you yet again. Yes, I know you’re not surprised.

With all of “the confusion” after the votes today that led to the passing of TPA, and the blockage of TAA, nobody seemed to know what was going on. It has since been reported and established that speaker Boehner was able to put together a new vote on TAA, which according to our sources will be held on Tuesday.

Business as usual in the Abyss, as the pretend government can now most likely make the provisions for TAA, much, much worse.

Yes, TAA failed today. Mark my words though, this was a trick and slight-of-hand. For what, we don’t know, but it is more than likely that we will see a new provision snuck in at the last -minute which will only have more negative consequences for our freedoms, and our economy.

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Andrew Pontbriand is an Activist, the Founder and Writer for The Resistance Journals, as well as a contributor to the Activist Post and Political Junkie. Andrew is also the Author of the eBook “Escape From Tyranny,” which will be released in print this summer. Full Bio on Muck Rack.


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