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Posted: June 12, 2015 in Rights

These times are hard for everyone, as we continue to be sold as human resources in a monetary system destined to fail.

The new media is attempting to do what we can while we can, and were struggling to stay afloat like everyone else. Please, if you can, consider making a contribution to the website. An incredible amount of time and energy goes into our work, and we do not have an income.

Your contribution (option 1) gets you a subscription to our monthly newsletters. You will enjoy a wealth of exclusive information, including but not limited to, special reports, videos, exposés, warnings and forecasts about the economy supplied bynusnin confidence by a world renowned economic forecaster, and more!

You can also choose the John Hancock option! This is a larger amount, just to show your support for the media revolution! This is for those who are generous and able to afford this amount to keep us going in the game!

Keep your eyes peeled as well for a store with Resistance Journals merchandise, books, DVDs, and more!

Subscriber $7.50 USD
John Hancock Fund $25.00 USD
Help the new media grow today!


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