DEVELOPING: [VIDEO] Shots Fired and Bombs Found Dallas PD Early Saturday

Posted: June 13, 2015 in Bomb squad, Breaking News, Gun shots, Rights
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Andrew Pontbriand

June 13, 2015


We just released a new video report about the Dallas Shooting. Click here to view it.

UPDATE: 8:03 am: REPORTS suggest the man negotiating with police has been identified as James Boulware, who police have labeled as a “terrorist” by police in the past.

Also, these reports are conflicting, and should not bentakennas fact. A CNN reporter on CNN live television just stated they are not clear if this was a “homegrown terrorist,” or a member of ISIS, since they had so many explosives and seemed “well prepared.”

The mainstream media is known to drastically change reports that otherwise seem concrete. Updates will be reported here.

UPDATE: 7:48 am EST: what began as a report of a shoot out with up to four shooters, has been down graded to only one shooter. Police are currently involved in negotiations with “the shooters.”

UPDATE: 6:45 am EST: Several bags have now been found , and one was discovered under a police car. As the bomb squad was moving one of the bags, it exploded. Other polices agencies have been called to search the area.

The vehicle involved in the shooting has been disabled, and .50 caliber ammo has been found.

Here is a video taken by a witness

Shots were fired early Saturday morning at the Dallas Police Headquarters, according to reports. Witnesses told police that the shots came from what appeared to be an armored vehicle. Shortly after suspicious bags were found and a bomb was found outside the departments Headquarters. The Dallas bomb squad has been called.

The gunfire happened at about 12:30 am CST. So far, nobody has been reported injured.

This comes just one week after the McKinney incident, although as of right now there is no reports of a connection.

This story is developing.

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