Dallas Shooting Already Showing Signs of Orchestration?

Posted: June 13, 2015 in Rights


Andrew Pontbriand

June 13, 2015

Just days before Operation Jade Helm goes live, an active shooter(s) attack on Dallas took place. Just as I suspected in my report from this morning, the media has blamed the conflicting reports on the “chaotic situation,” even as eyewitnesses reported up to four shooters.

Now, the media has “confirmed” it was only one shooter. Sounding familiar?

As the Sandy Hook school shooting unfolded, there were reports, and even video of multiple shooters, but that does not fit the narrative of individual terrorists targeting police and wearing 9/11 was an inside job shirts, or read libertarian books.

It is a very suspect incident, as these reports changed suddenly and drastically, when even police stated there were multiple shooters.

Check out on the video report below. We will continue to follow this closely especially since as mentioned earlier, we are days away from Jade Helm. If anyone has any tips, please submit them to writers.resistancejournals@gmail.com

  1. […] We just released a new video report about the Dallas Shooting. Click here to view it. […]


  2. […] Early this morning, I began to realize patterns I have seen before, and reported inconsistencies about this story. Unfortunately it seems as though the active shooter event unfolded too perfectly, to be a naturally occurring event. […]


  3. […] Cameramen on rooftops, automatic weapons, pipe bombs, antisemitic-conspiracy theorist, armored vans once owned by sheriff’s, and evidence burned along with a dead patsy. […]


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  5. […] a month early. The month of June from beginning to end was a non-stop freight-fest of terror alerts, police shoot outs, church massacres, military drills, unprecedented military equipment movement, racial tensions, and […]


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