[Exclusive] Did The Gov’t “Instruct” Amazon To Remove Confederate Flag? SPECIAL REPORT

Posted: June 25, 2015 in Exclusive, Government, Mass shooting, Special Report
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Why isn’t the government or media pundits trying to ban the flag or merchandise of apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia, too? After all, these symbols were on the jacket Dylann Roof owned…seems this wouldn’t fit the narrative and motive to cause racial division.

Andrew Pontbriand
June 25, 2015

A mass shooting killing 9 people at the AME Church in Charleston South Carolina, has been used once again by the state controlled corporate media, the State itself, and others who fall into the trap set by race baiters and propagandists to get us to fight among each other. At this point, just over a week since the shooting occurred, once again the nation is divided and the government once again uses a tragedy to erode our freedoms.

It was announced a few days ago, that companies such as Amazon and Ebay were going to discontinue sales of the Confederate Flag, after somehow a mass shooting was made to be about a piece of cloth with funny little patterns on it, as if this is really an issue. The Resistance Journals was sent an image from a viewer that tells a completely different story though.

See items Amazon is NOT taking down – List may surprise you!

The image below shows a chat screen in regard to an inquiry an Amazon customer made, about the Confederate flag. The Customer Service Representative responded with a peculiar answer. See below:

Viewer sent this screenshot after an inquiry on Amazon.com

According to the Amazon.com Customer Service Rep. who answered the viewers question, “federal law” required Amazon.com to take down all materials involving the Confederate flag.

The problem is, no such law exists.

It is possible the Rep. could either have been confused, or given bad information. However, if you have ever dealt with CSP’s from websites such as Amazon or Ebay, questions they are unsure of take longer to receive a response, because the CSP is contacting a supervisor, or manager where a proper response or answer can be given. Nonetheless, this piece of information is invaluable, because if it is true that Amazon Shareholders or those in upper-management took down said products due to pressure from the government, it serves to further prove backroom deals and agreements made between corporations and government are ongoing to manipulate society.

An Attack on Free Speech

The real issue has become an issue of the First Amendment. What nobody else has pointed out, is the government is using this tragic shooting, and clear assassination of a State Senator, to not only attack the 2nd Amendment, but to overtly remove our 1st Amendment rights!

Whether the government “instructed” Amazon to remove Confederate Flag products or not, it is clear there are several agendas at play here and they are sticking out like a blood stained white carpet. — An analogy that shows the remnants of our once free America that could not be properly covered-up, as these orchestrated events always leave a trail of clues as well as a clear agenda.

Supporting the call from pundits in the media, propagandists, and government officials to take down the Confederate flag  and essentially destroy its history, whether you agree with the mainstream history of it or not makes no difference. This is a clear attack on the First Amendment in more than one way, because if the government really had a pure motive for taking down a flag that represents racism, death, genocide, and carried other negative connotations, they would have banned the Nazi flag or Nazi merchandise a long time ago.

This very elementary understanding has gone unnoticed by a surprisingly large number of people, which shows the machine of government disinformation, distraction, and the strategy of divide and conquer once again has worked like a charm. Supporting this is supporting tyranny and the destruction of the natural right to express yourself freely. Why can’t we simply ignore symbols we do not agree with? It is a slippery slope, and one I wish not to approach, nor do I wish my rights to be eroded by the votes of others!

Note: The image in question was sent to us on Facebook by a viewer. Neither The Resistance Journals or it’s authors endorse the image as 100% authentic, and we hope the viewers decide for themselves.

This article may be re-posted with full attribution to the author, and leaving all links in tact.

Andrew Pontbriand is an Activist, the Founder and Writer for The Resistance Journals, as well as a contributor to the Activist Post and Political Junkie. Andrew is also the Author of the eBook “Escape From Tyranny,” which will be released in print this summer. Full Bio on Muck Rack.

  1. CAWS says:

    This is what 70 years of fluoridation does for the IQ of the USA. The masses can’t think critically anymore.
    “Revolution? Not on Monday; my kid has soccer & that’s my TIVO catch up night.” [Christopher Titus]


  2. Sensor says:

    Obama?A clown ! The flag is to blame? Khazar mixers shit !


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