BREAKING: Reported Terror Attacks, Decapitation in France, 7 Dead in Tunisia

Posted: June 26, 2015 in Beheading, France, yerror
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Andrew Pontbriand
June 26, 2015

[UPDATE] 8:36 am – New reports suggest at least 20 people have been killed at the Imperial Marhaba.
[UPDATED] 8:40 am

A luxury tourist hotel in central Tunisia has been attacked, with at least seven dead and panic being reported at the scene. At least one gunman armed with a Kalashnikov penetrated the hotel’s private beach area and opened fire.

The attack is taking place at the Imperial Marhaba, according to RIA Novosti citing the Interior Ministry. The ministry’s spokesman says at least 7 people were killed, with some reports saying as many as 14 are dead, including 1 terrorist. There has also been a reported exchange of gunfire that is ongoing.

Simultaneously, in France, there has also been a reported beheading and several explosions at a US factory in Grenoble. The media has reported this as an “Islamic State terror attack,” with several attackers.

A man carrying an ISIS flag entered the Air Products & Chemicals Inc. factory and set off several small explosions, and beheaded a man leaving the severed head on a gate.

No word yet on whether or not this was a coordinated effort to attack both places at the same time.



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