[Video] Martial Law in America; This is What a Martial Law Takeover Looks Like

Posted: July 5, 2015 in Alternative Media, False Flag, Martial Law, Police State
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Original Photo Credit: Ria Hoi; Edited by: Andrew Pontbriand

Andrew Pontbriand

July 5, 2014

239 years ago the Founding Fathers declared independence from the oppressive Crown of England. At that time, the Crown owned the land, and the 13 colonies of America were Crown Colonies. However, the tyranny from a foreign government as the colonists saw it, was beginning to become more than enough to take sitting down.

In the decade preceding the Revolutionary War, Britain’s unemployment levels and beggars in the streets grew, which caused King George to do what tyrants love to do, and that is create new laws and taxes. This was felt immediately in the Colonies. Not long after the Sugar Act was passed, the British Parliament passed the Currency Act of 1764. In short, the Currency Act outlawed the Colonial Script, the money issued by local governments which successfully helped the Colonies’ economies grow. Small wealth accumulated during the time of the Colonial Script, along with the growth of small businesses.

The Colonies though, took a haircut of 2 Colonial Scripts for 1 British pound, once the Currency Act was passed. This deeply troubled the Colonists, and brought them one step closer to the Declaration of Independence.

As soon as the quartering of British troops became policy, essentially forcing Colonists to pay for their own enslavement; the minds of men sparked with flames of revolutionary thinking. The Stamp Act in a nutshell stripped the Colonists of ever truly owning property, on top of the multiple taxes it created on top of the already unaffordable tax rate, (which by the way is where the term taxation without representation comes from) and now British Soldiers were enforcers for the King with no-knock warrants and Kangaroo Courts.

This sounds and looks familiar you say? The Crown self destructed as far as keeping the Colonies part of England, as the high taxes, troops on the streets, rapid unemployment, and predatory Central banks from a foreign power created the climate for revolution. Are we not there?

We have reached the point where police in America have become enforcers for the IRS, and in turn enforce and collect for the government as a whole. No knock raids, police [and military] are on the streets, and of course Central banking has been plundering the United States for 102 years. It is also true, that the climate for a revolution is ripe, and some may say it has started.

Below, are pictures taken by an activist by the name of Ria Hoi, posted on the Boots online for the Boots on the ground Facebook Page. If anyone ever wanted to see what Martial Law in 21st century America looks like, now you can in real life pictures:

11659309_1597532610498574_994846630857854486_nPhoto Credit: Ria Hoi
“Military police patrolled the streets of DC via humvees and on foot, and handled traffic and         pedestrians today. (Uniforms we saw were Army & AF SF for traffic, pedestrians)”                                                                                                                                   




check points


military police

Photo credit: Ria Hoi







— Looks like Obama got his ‘brown shirts’ after all. Makes work for future Presidents much less complicated! —

via – Boots online for the boots on the ground

Did you see a ‪#‎PoliceState‬ on your ‪#‎streets‬ this ‪#‎July4th‬?
In Washington, ‪#‎DC‬, there were military humvees and ground patrols on the streets and sidewalks, directing traffic, pedestrians and general security. There were towers erected solely for July 4th with ‪#‎stingray‬, ‪#‎cellphone‬ ‪#‎jammers‬, and other surveillance equipment on them. There were Park Police with military weapons, and helicopters that circled the air almost constantly, looking for trouble with their own surveillance technology on board. There were towers set up for monitoring people in the fenced-in area, just beyond the checkpoints.
There was a ‪#‎US_Marine‬‪#‎Veteran‬ standing next to me when the ‪#‎military_vehicles‬drove by (they drove by en masse several times) and I could hear the ‪#‎Marine‬ say "I didn't return from a war to see ‪#‎war‬ on our streets."
What are YOUR thoughts on this?
Now, you might be saying "Well, ‪#‎ISIS‬ did make those threats..." However, if the concern had really been over those 'threats from ISIS,' then the‪#‎National_Park_Police‬ wouldn't have left so many holes in security and the security‪#‎checkpoints‬. There would have been more intense security in the ‪#‎museums‬ as well, and people wouldn't have had the many opportunities that were available due to an overall lack of security on the more crowded end of the ‪#‎National_Mall‬. They would have also fixed the mass exit security flaw, when people head to the ‪#‎Subway‬stations en masse at the end of the ‪#‎fireworks‬, often getting stuck at chokepoints.
So...what was the real reason for the ‪#‎Military_Police‬ presence? For those that don't know, DC hasn't always had this setup. In the last 3 years, a police-state-level presence has been on the rise, getting more visible and somehow less secure each year.
Were they hoping someone would do something "stupid"? Was it intended as a scare tactic? Was it intended to numb ‪#‎Americans‬ to the growing Police State?
What are your thoughts, ‪#‎Patriots‬, ‪#‎Anonymous‬?

This is what Martial Law in America looks like. This is America 239 years after the founders signed the Declaration of Independence. This is unacceptable and will continue to grow unless it is stopped.


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Andrew Pontbriand is an Activist, the Founder and Writer for The Resistance Journals, as well as a contributor to the Activist Post and Political Junkie. Andrew is also the Author of the eBook “Escape From Tyranny,” which will be released in print this summer. Full Bio on Muck Rack.

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