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Andrew Pontbriand | Jade Helm Day 4 | July 18, 2015

On the very first day of Jade Helm, there were no mass arrests, no direct military takeover, and Texas gun owners did not have their guns confiscated by the US military as some feared. Jade Helm 15 in that respect quite frankly, has been blown way out of proportion. Many large outlets that were once respected and seen as legitimate alternative/independent news site’s, lost credibility in the handling of information over Jade Helm. Justin King puts this bluntly in a recent article where he explains at the very least, Jade Helm was and is being used to make independent media “look like idiots.” This is due to the fact that much of the attention brought to JH-15 which was overwhelmingly negative, was over the unjustified fear of it bringing in Martial Law.

To that end I agree to some extent, as I have said many times. While certain websites and outlets were fear mongering about JH-15 ushering in Martial Law, some chose to stay silent while I made several attempts to quell the unjustified claims. If post.jade helm.NOT martial law.disinfo.stop disinfo.jade helm is not martial law.jade helm 15 ai.artificial intelligenceyou choose to ignore the many reasons why JH-15 was not “for” Martial Law, even a rudimentary understanding of history would allow you to understand the United States has been under Martial Rule since the Civil War.

The corrupt and criminal government would gain absolutely nothing from locking down a country that is still producing for “their” interests, and repeatedly keeping “them” in power. It would be like taking a $1 million scratch-off winner and ripping it in half. Sadly, even with some of the more suppressed information harder to find, it is still out there waiting to be rediscovered.

I agree JH-15 was not ever, is not now, and will not ever be an exercise to “bring in Martial Law.” One who has any intellect at all would simply understand the outright foolishness of an overt announcement via press release of a military coup essentially saying—“hey Texas and Utah, y’all are hostile territory due to your Mormon’s and Gadsden flags, so we’re invading!”

I do not agree though that JH-15 is just a benevolent, recurring military exercise to prepare troops for battle in ever changing environments, and in unconventional warfare, as SOCOM says. Given that SOCOM is so secretive, and that their budget so so extremely high, with sometimes no explanation at all as to how or where the money in it’s budget was spent, it is not so whacky to question the activities they’re engaged in. Of course, the all out police state which has before our eyes, turned into a Militarized police state has over the past several years caused outrage, fear, and paranoia, which is justified.

So, do the so-called paranoid ‘conspiracy theorists” have a reason to worry about JH-15? I say yes, but not in the way that has been mockingly reported on in the mainstream media.

The underlying facts about Jade Helm 15 are two pronged. The first, is the official explanation that was given in press releases, as they should be, from USASOC itself. The now famous map that shows the Southern States for the mock drill which was responsible for so much fear and propaganda, and the slide show presentation or Powerpoint which outlines the ‘What to Expect from the Jade Helm Exercise.’ The second prong is what the first prong covers-up.

This is where people have failed to venture in their so-called research. What needs to be understood is that the actual name of the drill taking place for at least 8 weeks in the Southwestern part of the United States, is called ‘Jade Helm 15.’ There is 100% truth to that, and it’s for a very good reason.

As previously mentioned, SOCOM is one of the most secretive and clandestine branches of our military, and has one of the largest budgets. SOCOM directly over sees the drone program, Special Forces, and various forms of INFORMATIONAL warfare. The budget proposal for fiscal year 2016 for SOCOM was $10.547 b. Once again, there is a very, very good reason why, and one can only imagine how much ‘black budget’ money has been allocated to the SOCOM for clandestine projects, one of which has been unclassified, known as Jade.

This is what has been covered-up, and this is what people should actually be worrying about. No, not be afraid or be scared of, but simply concerned or worried about. Thus, it is not exactly accurate to say that “nothing” happened the first day of Jade Helm either, as if the first day alone defines or encompasses the events of the entire 8 weeks whether known or unknown [events].

In fact, something did happen that we exposed and the mainstream media completely ignored it.

This “event” is rather controversial and of course there is no way to prove one way or the other that it was tied to JH-15, though speculation and asking questions based on credible information and hard evidence is what the alternative media is supposed to be all about.

With the information and evidence we do have, there is a certain level of justification for the worry or anxiety this massive exercise (which has been extremely misunderstood, due to either willful ignorance or deliberate disinformation and fear mongering) has caused. You must first set aside everything you thought you knew about Jade helm 15, and place it into the “bull***t” pile. Now that this information has found it’s rightful home, we can use the available clean-slate to lay out the facts which are available.

So, what information and evidence am I referring to?

First, you have to look at one of the most obvious factors of the JH-15 exercise, which is the sheer scope and size of the operation. JH-15 will stretch across the entire Southwest and even the Southeast including states such as Florida, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Mississippi, Louisiana,  and Arizona. Next, you have to look at the largely overlooked or misunderstood aspect in regards to the operation itself. SOCOM deals largely in the field of Informational warfare, and is in charge of the Special Forces. One of the key factors used in 21st century warfare is winning the hearts and minds of the civilian population that live in the region being invaded.

The Special Forces used this tactic very successfully in Iraq and Afghanistan, which helped ground forces win the hearts and minds of the people. as well as acclimated the civilian populations to the presence of US military occupation. Treating the civilians as your friend rather than your enemy, and convincing the people you’re there to eradicate the real threat, not only gains their trust, but helps to secure snitches and dual agents, as well as helps soldiers recognize the difference between civilians and the enemy attempting to blend in. The latter is also used in this type of unconventional warfare, just as it is being used in the JH-15 drill, as Special Forces and other military forces will also blend in with society as part of the mission.

SOCOM specializes in unconventional warfare, informational warfare, deceit, and of course many secret operations. It is no surprise the Public Relations campaign in regards to JH-15 would want anything less than constant focus on wild theories of a supposed martial law takeover, and a “this is it” type scenario. This is a win-win for the military, and the mainstream media runs with the mockery with a great big smile on their face.

Truly, the purpose of the JADE program has been covered up by the military intentionally, and by reckless independent media focus on releasing “click bait,” which has been not only a disservice to the rest of the truth seekers and alternative media, but is actually quite dangerous considering several grassroots movements have formed because of this and the Texas State guard has even been called to “monitor” the exercise.

So what is JADE?

Jade, in “Jade Helm” is the “Joint Assistant for Development and Execution.” Nowhere does the word “Helm” appear to have an official definition, however some have speculated. For the purpose of this article, due to the research done and reading the research on Jade, we agree with others that “Helm” simply references “at the Helm, or drivers seat.” Or, “to take control of.” So in conclusion, the Joint Assistant for Development and Execution is at the Helm of Military Operations.

What is the Assistant? What is Jade? Jade, is a program that goes back to at least 1993 (JOPES), as the documents we received that covers the research from BBN Technologies, Air Force Research Lab/IFTB, University of Maryland, and DARPA show. The military when it first developed Jade was seeking a system that could “conquer the human domain,” and believe me they have developed it. What they developed, is a decentralized Quantum Computing A.I (Artificial Intelligence) System of that can best be described or thought of as the computer in Eagle Eye, with a few different variables.

We will call it a “brain” so it can more easily be understood. This brain, takes out or removes the human element of decision making in some or all of military situations, whether we’re talking about urban warfare and ground fighting, data or intelligence gathering, hacking, drone strikes, or planning sophisticated rapid response team extractions of a target in a fortified area. Jade can do all of this, without any resistance from humans that have feelings or emotions, and could call off an attack, or change or alter a mission plan or objective at the last minute. Jade can do all of this instantaneously.

If a Military and government which controlled it was corrupt, or engaged in a war against it’s domestic population, whether overt or covert, there is no greater weapon than a decentralized quantum super computer acting with near-autonomous capability based on initial programming and informational input from a previous time that will carry out mission planning in just seconds, and could even launch it’s own attacks and manipulate the battle field itself for optimal results.

For more information on the A.I. aspects of Jade Helm, click here to listen to a phenomenal interview where the lady described the true meaning of Jade Helm 15 using the same paperwork I was sent. (These documents are pictured below)

The intent of Jade Helm is of course found in the sub-title of the Logo, which truly means mastering the human domain. What is the human domain?

Note: Click here for the 30+ pages that you can only access by this link. You can no longer search this by name if you previously knew what to search, somehow it has been taken offline?(PDF.) Also, we were sent these papers and have uploaded them to the education center of TRJ, to keep them archived.

The NSA, Google, Facebook, Bing, Microsoft, Yahoo, and hundreds of other mediums where information is either voluntarily provided, or extracted from you illegally, collected, data-mined, and stored has long been thought to one day pose a threat against us. After the Wiki Leaks revelations that proved what we already knew about the NSA’s spying, people began to think of data collection in a whole new light. Now, as far as the information age is concerned, we have reached a new plateau of just how far this has gone and what it actually means.

Jade Helm can be thought of as a sort of omni-present force existing inside the internet and communications plane. Jade, can pick small bits, or large bits of information from any location for a desired cause and desired outcome. In short, Jade knows you, me, and everyone else that has any type of footprint in any scope or size in the digital age. Just as experts have said about Google and how Google “knows you” and can predict what you will say next, or what Ads to show you due to your online patterns. The Jade system goes so much deeper down the rabbit it’s almost difficult to comprehend.

Think of the technology your cell phone itself has. When you use your Google text app, or almost any text app available, it will begin to get to know you. Before long, and this is supposing you have word prediction turned on, you can type the first word to a sentence, and then press the middle button in the word prediction field and it can come surprisingly close to typing the exact sentence you had thought up in your mind. Maybe it’s just me, but as “cool” as I think that technology is, imagine what Jade can do, and then imagine the sinister applications that can be applied in a real world scenario since Jade knows everyone, and can compute that information simultaneously.

Conquering the human domain? You bet’cha. Jade Helm has our number, and since Jade is now “at the helm” of our Military operations, it can now seemingly decide when to do what, and where to do it. The shear level of intelligence this system uses is literally unfathomable. Jade can even protect itself from being discovered or compromised, and has the ability to re-write it’s own code, according to the documents. (Check out this article that talks about code having ‘autocomplete’ technology)

The true purpose of Jade hasn’t changed since the idea spawned more than 20 years ago. Another application that is said to be possible, is that Jade may be able to produce holographic battlefield simulations. As I have said before, there could be a chance that Jade was actually launched a month early, and we may witness these holographic events in real time as if they are “real” events. This is the least known application of Jade.

Jade “has the ability to use vast amounts of data being collected on the human domain to generate human terrain systems in geographic population centric location, to identify and eliminate targets, insurgents, rebels or whatever labels that can be flagged as targets in a Global Information Grid for Network Centric Warfare environments.”

The JADE II battle field system is cognitive and intuitive. It can examine prior executed battle plans and devise ‘new and better’ strategies to increase the ‘kill chain’. The II generation of JADE has the capability for two way communication with drones through the OCCOM technology which is one of the next generation integration to this system.

All in all, it is the technocrats dream. As I mentioned early, SOCOM deals in information warfare, and with the independent media focused on troop and equipment movement, and a martial law scenario, the real testing and applications of this exercise are formulating a new battle plan. The new battle plan, is a simulation of war on American streets, covertly and overtly, thus Jade will be able to adapt to and alter environments.

With Jade “taking the Helm” of the military, or at least having the capability to do such a thing, it gives us an idea of the future of warfare. The main reason why the jade II program should be concerning, is because we have no idea beyond the research papers as to the current developments and how much they have achieved in terms of the capability of the A.I.’s integration in the Global Network. We should be aware that Jade can now carry out it’s own missions without approvals from military leaders, (congress specifically) allowing for a whole new level of secrecy, plausible deniability, and covert clandestine operations that are literally impossible to track or have accountability for.

While people remain distracted and continue to report on false reports that are completely unsubstantiated regarding the operations of JH-15, the system will be causing more power outages, computer glitches, and who knows what else? The world is changing and now technology has inserted itself into every single smart TV, cell phone, washer and dryer, and the information extracted and data-mined in conjunction with what the NSA has collected, is now actively engaging us, or at least has the capability to. Jade Helm gives a whole new definition to information war, and we are seeing this play out right in front of us and are seemingly helpless to fight it.

This article may be re-posted with full attribution to the author, and leaving all links in tact.

Andrew Pontbriand is an Activist, the Founder and Writer for The Resistance Journals, as well as a contributor to the Activist Post and Political Junkie. Andrew is also the Author of the eBook “Escape From Tyranny,” which will be released in print this summer. Full Bio on Muck Rack.

  1. Clarence Neeley says:

    People will not believe until the doors are closed, and can not buy staples.


  2. Tyron says:

    Jade Helm is a CONTINUING operation. It will continue year after year. They must first get the public used to their presence and then later, after the dollar collapses probably next year or the year after that, they WILL be used to round up whites/Europeans-dissenters.

    Alex Jones is a false opposition person for the elite “Jews”. He blames everything in the government on “Nazis” like whites have some power somewhere in the Government. He intentionally over hyped it claiming martial law is imminent and that is to make alternative media look like kooks, but that is exactly what he is supposed to do because later, when they are used, people will think “oh,that’s just conspiracy theory internet kooks” blowing their horn again.


  3. I think JH15 may have been launched sooner than we thought,as well….maybe that’s where that map of “hostile” states came from! Also the corresponding dot colors. Never know….


  4. Oh,and perhaps JH15 is sending all these military veichles out as well..


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  6. Kevin says:

    From the onset of this JH15 and purpose, as given, or from one of the video clips, I believe, from Texas, with the one answer (and I’m not giving exact ver batim, etc…) but for the most part, it was said the whole thing was military operation and a drill, or practice-drill (in America or on civilian ground(?)) for when it goes live elsewhere or in other countries where War…etc….One response to that was credible (oh, in my opinion) as being that if this was already practiced and used for the last 10 or so years (JH, that is and was highly successful, from the article as described when it came to its usefulness) then what’s the real need and most unusual in this whole new AI, or for the most part, to most civilians, i would think, as being just a drill (another drill) in America.

    It’s also suspicious (and isn’t that a key word about spotting or the feeling of seeing an activity or person or thing, ok, sorry for that input, i’ll stick to the thread or input…) but how it was rolled out as if to be on the quiet side of the JH15 without presentation or alerting the overall Country with this drill in tact. Of course, it’s plausible to be courteous so as to not cause fear or worry and it’s also a little of this feeling as if how dumb we might be or led to be and not to ask questions is like a new trend or has been for the last decade maybe…..Ok, time’s up. sorry for so long of my comment in this regard. But then again, i’m not sorry. We’ve said sorry and tried with manners, excuse this, pardon that, lessen our freedom and rights, go along with …oh excuse me, did we or were we allowed or did we just pay for all this and lose our free….


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  8. […] where human behavior can be predicted based on computer models. While many feared that the recent Jade Helm exercise was a trial to martial law; the truth is that it was an operation designed to collect massive […]


  9. […] where human behavior can be predicted based on computer models. While many feared that the recent Jade Helm exercise was a trial to martial law; the truth is that it was an operation designed to collect massive […]


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