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Andrew Pontbriand | December 11, 2015

Facebook can tell us a number of things about the world around us, although sometimes those things blow up your news feed and take over your internet experience. Whether it is the Kardashian family, including Kanye West doing or saying something ridiculous, or a political event or scandal that invokes conversation worldwide through the inter-webs, Facebook [and Twitter] usually becomes the hub of developing news stories where the public weighs in and decides which conversations turn into the talk of the day.

Facebook recently released it’s ‘Most Discussed Topics of 2015,’ and surprisingly the list has become slightly less like the lists of previous years. Check out the list below:

  1. 2016 United States presidential election
  2. Nov. 13 attacks in Paris
  3. Syrian war and refugee crisis
  4. Nepal earthquakes
  5. Greek debt crisis
  6. Marriage equality
  7. Fight against the Islamic State group
  8. Charlie Hebdo attack
  9. Baltimore protests
  10. Charleston shooting and Confederate flag debate



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Andrew Pontbriand

June 30, 2015

An alternative to Police? That is all you need to say to me!

The Peacekeeper App 2.0 “The Fire Rises,” has just launched on IndieGogo, and it is a campaign to help the App grow.

Peacekeeper is the world’s first decentralized, peer-to-peer protection system. We aim to build a new smartphone app, Peacekeeper 2.0.

It will be a superior protection system, an amazing alternative to the status quo. It will allow individuals to take personal protection to a whole new level.

Give them a Like on Facebook

We had a chance to interview Cody Drummond, the Creator of the Peacekeeper App, to tell us more about the project and tell everyone how they can get involved, and start a revolution of community policing and involvement! This is something  that I think we should all get behind, and really has the potential to blossom into a revolutionary movement.

Click here to view on Youtube (Interview is less than 9:00 minutes)

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Andrew Pontbriand is an Activist, the Founder and Writer for The Resistance Journals, as well as a contributor to the Activist Post and Political Junkie. Andrew is also the Author of the eBook “Escape From Tyranny,” which will be released in print this summer. Full Bio on Muck Rack.

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Andrew Pontbriand
June 17, 2015

“A movement is either organized or unorganized. That is not to say it must be centralized. That is a misrepresentation of a movement in the sense that society has defined what a movement is or should be, wrapped it up with a bow, and inserted it into a fixed apparatus. Again this sort of predetermination is the antagonist of free thought and a free individual, and the antithesis of true liberty.”

We have been approaching a cross-road in America for some time now. Not everyone recognizes it because, a large portion of society is still well insulated and secured in their bubble. A bubble of ignorance, whether it is chosen or due to a lack of information.

For the first time ever, society has transformed into a population of informed people young and old, as those who lack technological know-how, such as not understanding the Internet or social media, are reaching old age, thus having [little to] no effect on society. The majority of Americans, including children even as young as four or five years old, have the know-how to use smart technology and have information at their fingertips. Therefore ignorance is now a choice, and that choice in regards to how our society is affected by authority, is actually a threat to those who wish to live peacefully.

376373_NYThe corner of society that is painfully aware of the tyranny we face, like increasing abuses by the police, privacy intrusions of the NSA, a purposely collapsed monetary system run by private bankers, corporate control of the media, the justice system, and even war itself, must address a question.1508148_10152493418172796_2113861892_n

A question some wish to ignore completely, less print it or type it on a computer that is connected to the very internet that is wiretapped. This is due to fear and rightfully so, as free speech is seemingly just a distant memory discussed in front of a campfire on a Friday night.

The question? (Switch to private connection.(more…)

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Andrew Pontbriand

June 9, 2015

(UPDATED – 11:10 AM)

11:10 AM (Update) – [From DailyKos]

Tatiana Rose, who lives in the Craig Ranch neighborhood and hosted the party with her siblings, said a woman and man who live in the neighborhood showed up and called their friends “black f*ckers” and told them to return to their Section 8 housing.

The 19-year-old Rose said most of her friends who attended the party live in Craig Ranch — which sits along a golf course.

Rose said one of her younger brother’s friends — a white girl named Grace Stone — scolded the neighbors and told them it wasn’t right to use racial slurs.

“So then they started verbally abusing her, saying that she needs to do better for herself, cursing at her, and I’m saying, no that’s wrong – she’s 14, you should not say things like that to a 14-year-old,” Rose said.

She said the woman, who she identified as Kate, told her to go back to her government-assisted housing and smacked her in the face when she stuck up for the younger girl, and she said another woman also attacked her.

While the entire country was focused on McKinney, Texas for the disgraceful actions of the police, the disgraceful actions of another went largely unnoticed. Tracy Carver-Allbritton is the woman who fought with teens that Friday which was the catalyst for the police being called. Loud music, the fight between two adults, teens and the now identified woman – Tracy Carver-Allbritton, and uninvited guests some labeled as “thugs,” who refused to leave. These are all of the happenings which caused police to show up. The other woman in the video has been identified as Shannon Barber Toon. According to Social Media, the fight broke out after Tracy and Shannon used racial slurs as some of the teens refused to leave. (more…)

Hundreds rally against police action in McKinney, Texas.

Andrew Pontbriand

June 8, 2015

Protests are continuing in McKinney, Texas were hundreds gathered and marched to demonstrate against the violent actions of the McKinney police. The officer most notably involved, Officer Casebolt, has been put on leave pending an investigation, as I reported on earlier with my in -depth report on the events that transpired.

Hundreds turned out, and they marched to the pool where the teenagers attended the party, that would turn into a wild encounter with police running around in circles, chasing 14 and 15 year old teens, swearing and even pulling a gun on them after throwing one young girl to the ground by her braids. (more…)