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Andrew Pontbriand | Jade Helm Day 4 | July 18, 2015

On the very first day of Jade Helm, there were no mass arrests, no direct military takeover, and Texas gun owners did not have their guns confiscated by the US military as some feared. Jade Helm 15 in that respect quite frankly, has been blown way out of proportion. Many large outlets that were once respected and seen as legitimate alternative/independent news site’s, lost credibility in the handling of information over Jade Helm. Justin King puts this bluntly in a recent article where he explains at the very least, Jade Helm was and is being used to make independent media “look like idiots.” This is due to the fact that much of the attention brought to JH-15 which was overwhelmingly negative, was over the unjustified fear of it bringing in Martial Law.

To that end I agree to some extent, as I have said many times. While certain websites and outlets were fear mongering about JH-15 ushering in Martial Law, some chose to stay silent while I made several attempts to quell the unjustified claims. If post.jade helm.NOT martial law.disinfo.stop disinfo.jade helm is not martial law.jade helm 15 ai.artificial intelligenceyou choose to ignore the many reasons why JH-15 was not “for” Martial Law, even a rudimentary understanding of history would allow you to understand the United States has been under Martial Rule since the Civil War.

The corrupt and criminal government would gain absolutely nothing from locking down a country that is still producing for “their” interests, and repeatedly keeping “them” in power. It would be like taking a $1 million scratch-off winner and ripping it in half. Sadly, even with some of the more suppressed information harder to find, it is still out there waiting to be rediscovered. (more…)



Andrew Pontbriand

June 13, 2015

The Resistance Journals, has been covering this story since early Saturday morning. As the events started to quickly unfold, reports began to conflict between news agencies and the Local police department. Then, eyewitnesses released video of the shootings as they occurred, which showed a black (armored) van driving erratically and firing dozens upon dozens of gun shots at police.


Early this morning, I began to realize patterns I have seen before, and reported inconsistencies about this story. Unfortunately it seems as though the active shooter event unfolded too perfectly, to be a naturally occurring event.

In fact it had several earmarks of a false flag attack.— What are some of the year marks of a false flag attack? (more…)


Andrew Pontbriand

June 13, 2015

Just days before Operation Jade Helm goes live, an active shooter(s) attack on Dallas took place. Just as I suspected in my report from this morning, the media has blamed the conflicting reports on the “chaotic situation,” even as eyewitnesses reported up to four shooters.

Now, the media has “confirmed” it was only one shooter. Sounding familiar?

As the Sandy Hook school shooting unfolded, there were reports, and even video of multiple shooters, but that does not fit the narrative of individual terrorists targeting police and wearing 9/11 was an inside job shirts, or read libertarian books.

It is a very suspect incident, as these reports changed suddenly and drastically, when even police stated there were multiple shooters.

Check out on the video report below. We will continue to follow this closely especially since as mentioned earlier, we are days away from Jade Helm. If anyone has any tips, please submit them to


Andrew Pontbriand

June 13, 2015


We just released a new video report about the Dallas Shooting. Click here to view it.

UPDATE: 8:03 am: REPORTS suggest the man negotiating with police has been identified as James Boulware, who police have labeled as a “terrorist” by police in the past.

Also, these reports are conflicting, and should not bentakennas fact. A CNN reporter on CNN live television just stated they are not clear if this was a “homegrown terrorist,” or a member of ISIS, since they had so many explosives and seemed “well prepared.”

The mainstream media is known to drastically change reports that otherwise seem concrete. Updates will be reported here.

UPDATE: 7:48 am EST: what began as a report of a shoot out with up to four shooters, has been down graded to only one shooter. Police are currently involved in negotiations with “the shooters.”

UPDATE: 6:45 am EST: Several bags have now been found , and one was discovered under a police car. As the bomb squad was moving one of the bags, it exploded. Other polices agencies have been called to search the area.

The vehicle involved in the shooting has been disabled, and .50 caliber ammo has been found.

Here is a video taken by a witness

Shots were fired early Saturday morning at the Dallas Police Headquarters, according to reports. Witnesses told police that the shots came from what appeared to be an armored vehicle. Shortly after suspicious bags were found and a bomb was found outside the departments Headquarters. The Dallas bomb squad has been called.

The gunfire happened at about 12:30 am CST. So far, nobody has been reported injured. (more…)

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