Actions You Can Take: TPP/TTIP & FAST TRACK



The United States is under attack. Our sovereignty hangs in the balance as the worlds most secretive international trade agreement becomes closer to being agreed upon. Below is the biggest list on entire internet of actions you can take again TPP , TTIP, and TPA.




Find and contact your US House Representative!



☏ Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

or Toll Free 877-762-8762 866-338-5720


Sign & Share TPP Petitions!



Call & Sign!

#NoFastTrack #TPP #StopTPP #ReleaseTheText

URGENT! Fast Track has passed in the Senate and is on the way to the HOUSE! We Have a Very Short Time but We Have a Very GOOD Chance to defeat Fast Track in the House but We Must Keep up the Pressure! 

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is our worst nightmare.. It will affect everything from GMOs and labeling/bans, food safety, environmental issues, public health, jobs, banking and finance, energy, the internet and even Medicare and much more and will give nearly unlimited power to the big multinational corporations. Negotiated in secrecy by over 600 corporate advisers and with no input by us or our congressional representatives, the TPP is the proverbial nail in our economic coffin.. It allows corporations to sue in an off shore private tribunal with judges who are also corporate attorneys, with no appeal, when our legislation might interfere with their profits! You will learn more as you go through the petitions. See Comments below for more info, flyers, articles, and comment there to follow this post for updates and new petitions. The Fast Track Petitions are the most critical at this time. 

Watch! 5 Minute Overview: #TPP Out of the Shadows;

If you need more info on petitions, how to avoid getting your email spammed and how to share for the most impact and find out if petitions work, see this link: 

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See List of Reps. who are supporting fast track here and contact them via email, facebook and twitter to say #VoteNoFastTrackTPP! 

✎ ☏ Find Them Here:

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Tell Nancy Pelosi: Oppose Fast Track for the TPP

Congress: Use your power to publish the TPP

Tell Obama to Show Us the Proof

Defeating Fast Track Now In Hands of House

Don’t Fast-Track a Flawed TPP

Tell Congress to Support Rep. Grayson’s Amendment to lift the veil of secrecy over trade giveaways!

Stop the Spread of ISDS! Reject Investor-State Dispute Settlement

Don’t Cut Medicare to Pay for Trade Deal

Tell Congress: No Fast Track

Join Robert Reich, DFA, and MoveOn: Tell Congress to say NO to the Trans-Pacific Partnership and NO to fast track authority

Join Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick in opposing fast track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. No fast track

Make a call to Rep. Hoyer to stop the TPP

Call and Tell House Reps: Don’t fast-track the TPP

✎ Previous Petitions Keep Signing ✎ 
(Most just send an email to your rep so you can sign again to remind them)

Stand with Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown: Tell President Obama to release the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Tell The USTR To Release The Text Of The TPP

No vote on fast-tracking trade until the TPP agreement is public

This petition is a FOIA request for the TPP. (Title is incorrect)

Stand with Donna Edwards: Ask President Obama to release the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Stop the sneak attack on Medicare! No paying for Trade Adjustment Assistance by raiding Medicare would put our country’s most vulnerable senior citizens at risk.”

Stop the sneak attack on Medicare in the TPP

Don’t rush the TPP! – Fast Track;jsessionid=D3EF976E491C73AE3DC0AE106B1C34A8.app202a?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=705&autologin=true

Stop the TPP in its tracks!

Tell Congress: Vote NO on “fast track” for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Tell the House: Stop Fast Track for toxics

Tell Nancy Pelosi to take the lead on blocking the TPP!

This petition is a FOIA request for the TPP. (Title is incorrect)

Show Your Opposition to Fast Track. House

Just a few votes could determine whether the TPP sinks or swims. House

Don’t fast-track “fast-track” for TPP. House

Stand with Senators Sanders, Warren, and Brown: President Obama must release full text of TPP

President Obama must release the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

President Obama: We deserve transparency

Tell Obama no TPP

Tell Congress NO to Fast Track

Oppose Fast-Track/Trade Promotion Authority

Stop Fast Track for the Trans Pacific Partnership

Say not so fast to fast track

Don’t fast track the TPP

Vote “no” on Fast Track

Say No To Fast Track

Tell Congress: Vote NO on fast track for fake trade agreements that kill jobs.

No Fast-Track for Trade Deals That Only Benefit Corporations

Tell Congress to stop Obama’s bad trade deal!

Time to Remind Congress We Don’t Want Another NAFTA Disaster

Oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Strengthen Our Trade Laws to Keep Good-Paying Jobs in America

Make a Call to Stop Fast Track

No Backroom Favors for Financial Giants in “Fast Track”

No “fast track” to weaker rules on Wall Street!/project/no-fast-track-to-killing-financial-reform

Don’t Trade Away Our Environment – NO to Fast Track!

US Trade Rep. Michael Froman: Tell us what you’ve privately been telling Wall Street about “fast track.”

Tell Congress to Keep COOL

Tell Congress NOT to Repeal the COOL Law! (Add ‘NO FAST TRACK TPP’ Comment)

Tell the Congressional Black Caucus to Resist President Obama’s “Race Card” Appeal to Accept Fast Track for TPP and TTIP!

Blumenauer: Remove Pro-War Provisions From Trade Bills

NYT: Investigate Daley’s Pro-TPP Claims

Fight climate change–stop the TPP

Urgent! Block Fast Track of Trans Pacific Partnership NOW, Say NO to Radioactive Food from Japan.

Even more action here.


(Special thanks to Susan Ditler-Brown)


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