Jade Helm Documents

Below are the official documents I was sent, that deal with the research of the Jade system going all the way back to 1998. It is important to note that nobody has the new research and developments of Jade II, or jade Helm 15.

These documents have been added to this website for archival purposes. Feel free to save and use as you wish.

11737173_1010175065681658_994874309_n 11741917_1013189638713534_1341096582_n Jade helm 1 jade helm 3 jh 11 jh4 Jade helm2 jh  7 jh5 jh6 jh10 jh8 jh9 jh13 jh14 jh17 jade helm official research, jade helm 15, jade 1,jade helm 1998, jade. human domaine jh15 jh16 jh17 jh18 jh19 jh20 jh21 jh22 jh23 jh24 jh25 jh26 jh27 jh28 jh29 jh30 jh31 jh32

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