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Andrew Pontbriand | Jade Helm Day 4 | July 18, 2015

On the very first day of Jade Helm, there were no mass arrests, no direct military takeover, and Texas gun owners did not have their guns confiscated by the US military as some feared. Jade Helm 15 in that respect quite frankly, has been blown way out of proportion. Many large outlets that were once respected and seen as legitimate alternative/independent news site’s, lost credibility in the handling of information over Jade Helm. Justin King puts this bluntly in a recent article where he explains at the very least, Jade Helm was and is being used to make independent media “look like idiots.” This is due to the fact that much of the attention brought to JH-15 which was overwhelmingly negative, was over the unjustified fear of it bringing in Martial Law.

To that end I agree to some extent, as I have said many times. While certain websites and outlets were fear mongering about JH-15 ushering in Martial Law, some chose to stay silent while I made several attempts to quell the unjustified claims. If post.jade helm.NOT martial law.disinfo.stop disinfo.jade helm is not martial law.jade helm 15 ai.artificial intelligenceyou choose to ignore the many reasons why JH-15 was not “for” Martial Law, even a rudimentary understanding of history would allow you to understand the United States has been under Martial Rule since the Civil War.

The corrupt and criminal government would gain absolutely nothing from locking down a country that is still producing for “their” interests, and repeatedly keeping “them” in power. It would be like taking a $1 million scratch-off winner and ripping it in half. Sadly, even with some of the more suppressed information harder to find, it is still out there waiting to be rediscovered. Read the rest of this entry »

Andrew Pontbriand | Jade Helm Day 3 | July 17, 2015
Interview Contributed by: (host) Chris J. Perkins, Mark Cummings, Michael Wagner

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The “Chattanooga Shooter,” Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, was said to be an average American, and the people who knew him said they couldn’t believe he could have committed the acts of murdering Marines.

On Thursday July 16, 2015, during the Live broadcast of Authentic Enlightenment Radio, one of our listeners by the name of JD called in and informed us his neighbor would like to come on the show and share her side of the story. JD introduced us to his neighbor, who is “good friends with the family,” of the suspect and she gave us an exclusive insight, live on the show. Read the rest of this entry »


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Andrew Pontbriand | July 15, 2015; (Jade Helm Day)

UPDATE: 8:30 pm Est | We have received confirmation from a T-Mobile employee that T-Mobile’s Service went down “nation wide for 15 minutes.” This article, with the official data map from Down Detector, showed coverage losses for AT&T. This now confirms the reports that multiple carriers experienced disruptions from a “computer glitch.” I want to also point out that the Flight radar tracker also experienced a glitch a few times today as well. So, my reports were accurate, and this all happened on the first day of Jade Helm. 

Today is a very important day in history, as one of the most anticipated, feared, and probably misunderstood drills of all time starts. Today, Jade Helm 15 goes live, and the Artificial Intelligence Interface will essentially begin it’s transition to taking over the Military as a new “command prompt.”

We will have a full report covering what Jade Helm is, and isn’t later today.

Is Jade Helm to blame for today’s cellular outages?

As of now though, right in line with the launch of Jade, which in short, is an A.I. Quantum Computing System, Cellular service has been dropping at an unprecedented rate. First, it seemed the State of California was targeted, but according to Down Detector, it seems as though this has started to spread across the country, so far limited mostly to AT&T, however reports are beginning to come in about other service providers having issues. Read the rest of this entry »

Andrew Pontbriand | July 8, 2015

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No, I do not think the “End Times” are here, at least in the traditional Christian sense of the phrase. However, I do think the end times are here in another sense. I think all signs are pointing to the end of well over two centuries of governmental control over the worlds populations’, and although the times that are coming could be rather disastrous, perilous, and often dangerous, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This is why I say, do not have fear.

We have a chance — the human race does, to correct the mistakes we have made. For instance, allowing a 200+ year old piece of parchment dictate our god-given Natural rights, only protected by a “social contract,” that really, the hands of the puppets have corrupted since even before the ink dried on the Federal Constitution. It seems it will all be decided upon on how we handle events that are apparently and very obviously unfolding now, and actually have been for a long time. It is how we react before the dust settles. It depends on if we choose freedom for the first time in history, or if we have learned not a thing from history, and choose the addictive drug of irresponsibility, civil privileges in exchange for security instead of unsecured natural rights, and the tax on life through limited liability — which of course is the self-inflicted wound and assisted suicide of government rule.
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Andrew Pontbriand
Video by: Matty Indigo Clark
July 7, 2015

According to Officials, the Federal Regional Center in Maynard MA. is a “Cold War-Era Relic,” and Bunker. Not far from this facility, in Framingham MA. is the MEMA bunker which was built in the 1960’s. the MEMA bunker, was the first  of it’s kind in America, and was built during the Cold war for C.O.G. (Continuity of Government) for the Massachusetts State government. However, this site is Officially Active.

FEMA Bunker Active and Upgraded! Maynard, Massachusetts

Since the FEMA Bunker in Maynard appears to be fully operational, a Nationwide emergency or disaster, under Continuity of Government the MEMA Facility would essentially become obsolete.

The guard that approached Matty openly admitted that the base is [obviously] restricted, and very much active. In fact, it appears that the Bunker itself has been completely rehashed and upgraded/retrofitted with the latest technology. There may be a couple reasons why, and one reason is much more obvious than others.

With the implementation of “Fusion Centers” across the United States, which are built with funds from the Department of Homeland Security, as well as managed by the same in most cases; most States now have these facilities fully active and operational. Guess where the Fusion Center in Massachusetts is located? That’s right, the FEMA Bunker.

Although the FRC is managed by the Feds, at the same site is the State Police Barracks, which is actually where the Fusion Center is located. All in the same area, you have a Fusion Center that spies on the population, data mines information, as well as shares it with Law Enforcement Agencies of every caliber, and a FEMA Bunker and Continuity of Government Underground Facility.

The 10 FEMA Regions are one aspect of the C.O.G we know of, and have information about. C.O.G. has one of the highest Top Secret Classifications and only those with such Security Clearances in the U.S. government are able to know parts of the C.O.G. which of course is compartmentalized. In the case of FEMA Region I, the FRC located in Maynard MA. is large enough and advanced enough to be able to manage all 6 States under F.R. 1.

The big question is, what else is going on underground?

For years D.U.M.B.S (Deep Underground Military Bases) have been one of the most interesting topics on the internet. Although some of the more popular sites like the Dulce New Mexico Base have never been proven to exist, however a long list of people have reported strange activity, sightings, and “communications interceptions,” all believed to be coming from Dulce, located on the Archuleta Mesa. Even the Native American Tribe, the Jicarilla have tales and stories about strange activity over the Archuleta Mesa.

One thing is certain, and that is C.O.G, Fusion Centers, and Underground bases all seem to be tied together, and over the years investigations like the one Matty engaged in continue to uncover bits and pieces of information, which ultimately present a larger picture as to what is going on.

Just West of Boston, and West to the rt. 190 corridor, a multitude (Ft. Devens, in Devens MA. and Handscom AFB located in Lexington and Concord MA.) of military bases, a “FEMA Camp,” and a DUMB equipped with a Fusion Center are all within just miles of each other, making it quite the dense hot-spot of some of the more classified areas of government. We will certainly continue to investigate the sites listed, in an attempt to uncover what is, or isn’t going on.

Special thanks to Matty Indigo Clark for his hard work in investigating the Fusion Center, and FEMA Bunker.

Check out his video where he is able to make it INSIDE of the Fusion Center to ask questions!

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Andrew Pontbriand is an Activist, the Founder and Writer for The Resistance Journals, as well as a contributor to the Activist Post and Political Junkie. Andrew is also the Author of the eBook “Escape From Tyranny,” which will be released in print this summer. Full Bio on Muck Rack.