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Andrew Pontbriand
June 17, 2015

“A movement is either organized or unorganized. That is not to say it must be centralized. That is a misrepresentation of a movement in the sense that society has defined what a movement is or should be, wrapped it up with a bow, and inserted it into a fixed apparatus. Again this sort of predetermination is the antagonist of free thought and a free individual, and the antithesis of true liberty.”

We have been approaching a cross-road in America for some time now. Not everyone recognizes it because, a large portion of society is still well insulated and secured in their bubble. A bubble of ignorance, whether it is chosen or due to a lack of information.

For the first time ever, society has transformed into a population of informed people young and old, as those who lack technological know-how, such as not understanding the Internet or social media, are reaching old age, thus having [little to] no effect on society. The majority of Americans, including children even as young as four or five years old, have the know-how to use smart technology and have information at their fingertips. Therefore ignorance is now a choice, and that choice in regards to how our society is affected by authority, is actually a threat to those who wish to live peacefully.

376373_NYThe corner of society that is painfully aware of the tyranny we face, like increasing abuses by the police, privacy intrusions of the NSA, a purposely collapsed monetary system run by private bankers, corporate control of the media, the justice system, and even war itself, must address a question.1508148_10152493418172796_2113861892_n

A question some wish to ignore completely, less print it or type it on a computer that is connected to the very internet that is wiretapped. This is due to fear and rightfully so, as free speech is seemingly just a distant memory discussed in front of a campfire on a Friday night.

The question? (Switch to private connection.(more…)


Today, marks the 800 year anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. In America, we celebrate this day with Military drills that symbolize civil uprising, martial law, and enslavement.


Andrew Pontbriand
June 15, 2015
|| 800 Years Ago Today, the Magna Carta Was Sealed ||

Today, Americans who get their news through Alternative Media Sources such as The Resistance Journalshave been made aware of a sweeping, nearly nationwide military exercise known as Jade Helm 15. In an email received, this is how the military describes Jade Helm:

The nature of warfare is always changing and U.S. Army Special Operations Command’s mission is to make certain the Army’s various Special Operations Forces are trained, equipped and organized to successfully conduct worldwide special operations in support of our nation’s interests,” Army Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria, a command spokesman, said. “Training exercise Jade Helm is going to assist our Special Operations Soldiers and leadership in refining the skills needed against an ever changing foreign threat.”

June 15, 2015 was not the original start date of Jade Helm 15, however many are reporting that the military for unknown reasons, began the drill/exercise a full month earlier.

There is some strange irony in that, my lads! (more…)


Andrew Pontbriand

June 14, 2015

Fear mongering. It is an unacceptable form of journalism or reporting used to strike fear into a target audience. However, how do we distinguish between fear mongering, and a legitimate warning based on evidence and fact, that generates fear simply due to the nature of information.

This report to some may be interpreted as an attempt to “fear monger,” or sensationalise, however that’s just not the case. With events that have already occurred, are occurring now, (some of which have been ignored or buried in the news) or about to unfold, it is our duty to report troubling news. Texas, the Lone Star State has a revolutionary history second to none. Texas fought for it’s independence once already, joined the Confederated States in the Civil War, and has threatened seccesion many times. So, what is the point?

Texas has been targeted lately, over and over again. Here is just a RECENT timeline, just showing events in 2015 alone.

There seems to be an odd, re-occurring pattern that is ongoing, in regards to Texas. Speaking in private to a few well-known researchers of geopolitics and understand domestic insurrection all seem to agree, that Texas would be the first State to form a unified front, or the first to be attacked. (more…)


Andrew Pontbriand

June 12, 2015

As Bill Still said, today could be one of the worst days in United States History. And as I say, it could be one of the last as a sovereign Nation.

Today the House will vote on whether to give the President and his sovereignty selling counterparts TPA (fast track) authority, which basically gives congressional authority to the executive, among other powers. #SayNoToFastTrack #StopFastTrack

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is our worst nightmare. It will affect everything from GMOs and labeling/bans, food safety, environmental issues, public health, jobs, banking and finance, energy, the internet and even Medicare and much more and will give nearly unlimited power to the big multinational corporations. Negotiated in secrecy by over 600 corporate advisers and with no input by us or our congressional representatives, the TPP is the proverbial nail in our economic coffin. With all of this in and of itself being scary enough, there are still a ton of sections that remain a complete secret.

The TPP is a good idea, if you are a special interest group or multinational corporation who can position themselves in trade deals that benefit them and shield them from Federal or state Laws (of their country of residence). (more…)


Andrew Pontbriand

June 8, 2015

Over the past several years we have heard over and over again that global warming gets worse and worse every year. Since the late 1990s, Al Gore has been at the forefront of taking the charge against global warming. The number one henchman, alarmist, and fear mongering tactician.

Al Gore has held many conferences and presentations showing polar bears sleeping on slabs of ice, apparently in the Arctic Ocean. Just floating around on an ocean void of ice, giving us high grade propaganda to convince the public that global warming is intruding on our civilization, and the planet, and if something isn’t done soon, like paying carbon credits to him and his cronies we would all soon face a devastating loss of life.

He isn’t the only one. It has become official US policy to fight global warming, essentially creating a whole new set of laws, and business crushing regulations. In fact, nearly all of the worlds industrialized countries have joined forces to “combat climate change.” As I write this article, this G7 is meeting in Germany, with one of the topics most certainly being global warming.

Of course you’re thinking, “its the global government, of course they all agree.” I hear you, and you’re right.

The basis is simple, and it is a slight variation of the Hagaelian Dialectic. First, prop up the industrialized nations for decades while leaving a handful of countries indebted to the IMF and World Bank.

You know, those predatory loans globalists offer 3rd world countries knowing they will never be able to produce a high enough GDP to even service the interest on the debt, let alone the principle? Then just like with every other situation in regards to this scam, once they fail to pay back the loans, the IMF and World Bank take control of all the resources and production, and give it back to industrialized countries’ corporate entities.

Finally, as a solution, a conference or summit is formed, usually by none other than, the U.N. The conference is held and blame is put on the super powers for the “rise” in greenhouse gasses and ocean temperatures.

The solution? Implement one of two options, or possibly a mix of the two.

The first is a carbon tax, simply put. Citizens of all nations participating in the program (likely all nations will be forced to participate) would be forced to pay a carbon tax formulated by calculating how many Carbon Units each person produces, and in return you will be taxed accordingly.

The other more plausible solution, would be what these globalists have wanted for over a century. A global currency.

Over the past century the global financier’s, multinational corporations, and governments, with their trade deals have set the stage for a global currency. Its as though the petrodollar was a beta test to see how the world could operate with a currency pegged to a resource, on such a large scale.

The carbon currency would be pegged – not to a resource, but sort-of the opposite. It would be pegged or tied to the carbon output of each individual. This is the world currency. This is what so-called conspiracy theorists have been warning about for the past 50 years. This IS the “New World Order.”

The trends of planetary warming are really not trends at all. See below.

Two decades since the last global temp. spikeTwo decades since the last global temp. spike

Most scientists on the global warming-feudal bandwagon, use the “ocean temp. is rising” rebuttal. The fact of the matter is, oceanic temperatures will have risen 0.23℃ by 2100 if the current trend continues. In other words, oceanic warming trends are non existent.

The Ocean is barely warming. 0.23°c

The global government has longed for a global currency, and it could be argued they started the means to that end in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act. Using their new central bank, the globalists consolidated power by quickly collapsing the stock market, and buying the U.S. off for pennies on the dollar.

Once House Joint Resolution 192 was passed, and gold confiscation was complete, the gold market could also be manipulated along with the stock market. Thus this meant the powers that be were in full control of the new economy as the free market was completely eradicated. Their next move was made at The Bretton Woods agreement.

The United States became the worlds standalone super power by the end of World War 2. Even before that, the nations of the world knew the US dollar was the safest to peg to, for numerous reasons.

Nixon, without warning or consulting his state department, cabinet, or member nations, made a backroom deal with the Saudi’s. This came to be known as the “Nixon shock,” and the link between the dollar and gold was removed.

From that point on, Saudi oil could only be purchased in dollars, causing an immediate demand for dollars. Ever since, the dollar has slid consistently and fell to 95% of its initial 1913 value. A collapse by design that benefitted a handful of people, but affected millions upon millions negatively.
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Now that the US dollar is basically worthless, and you have countries forming alliances like the BRICS, it is a surety that a final controlled collapse will come, and the globalists have positioned themselves to be the pillow to break our fall. Problem. Reaction. Solution.carbon_credit_fake

The Carbon Unit, or Cu, will be a digital currency backed by human existence alone. Every child born will be microchipped (yes, I am going there) and the World Carbon Bank will be linked directly in to the Human Resource Center. The HRC will be linked with all of the fusion centers in each District Nation, that will be governed by a Figurehead.carbon-currency-22-728

All transactions, business or personal, will be monitored and filtered through the Billing Center, so no underground black markets or under-the-table deals can be made.

This will all be done in the name of saving the planet, another classic example of extreme liberalism. Of course, everyone who opposes this system will be labeled not only a terrorist, but anti-human.

This is the direction we are heading in, and it is amazing how close this is to coming to pass. In late November and early December of 2015 at the UN climate conference in Paris, the “world governemts,” will forge a new deal to fight climate change. This to some indicates a possible and radical new global warming regulatory committee, which will be the precursor to what is surely coming; a Global Carbon Currency.

A technocratic globalists dream come true.