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Today, marks the 800 year anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. In America, we celebrate this day with Military drills that symbolize civil uprising, martial law, and enslavement.


Andrew Pontbriand
June 15, 2015
|| 800 Years Ago Today, the Magna Carta Was Sealed ||

Today, Americans who get their news through Alternative Media Sources such as The Resistance Journalshave been made aware of a sweeping, nearly nationwide military exercise known as Jade Helm 15. In an email received, this is how the military describes Jade Helm:

The nature of warfare is always changing and U.S. Army Special Operations Command’s mission is to make certain the Army’s various Special Operations Forces are trained, equipped and organized to successfully conduct worldwide special operations in support of our nation’s interests,” Army Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria, a command spokesman, said. “Training exercise Jade Helm is going to assist our Special Operations Soldiers and leadership in refining the skills needed against an ever changing foreign threat.”

June 15, 2015 was not the original start date of Jade Helm 15, however many are reporting that the military for unknown reasons, began the drill/exercise a full month earlier.

There is some strange irony in that, my lads! (more…)



Andrew Pontbriand

June 14, 2015

Fear mongering. It is an unacceptable form of journalism or reporting used to strike fear into a target audience. However, how do we distinguish between fear mongering, and a legitimate warning based on evidence and fact, that generates fear simply due to the nature of information.

This report to some may be interpreted as an attempt to “fear monger,” or sensationalise, however that’s just not the case. With events that have already occurred, are occurring now, (some of which have been ignored or buried in the news) or about to unfold, it is our duty to report troubling news. Texas, the Lone Star State has a revolutionary history second to none. Texas fought for it’s independence once already, joined the Confederated States in the Civil War, and has threatened seccesion many times. So, what is the point?

Texas has been targeted lately, over and over again. Here is just a RECENT timeline, just showing events in 2015 alone.

There seems to be an odd, re-occurring pattern that is ongoing, in regards to Texas. Speaking in private to a few well-known researchers of geopolitics and understand domestic insurrection all seem to agree, that Texas would be the first State to form a unified front, or the first to be attacked. (more…)


Andrew Pontbriand

June 12, 2015

Oh the joys of business in Washington DC, otherwise known as the Armpit of America. If you can’t tell a lie in the 10 square, you won’t hack it with the hacks.

Per usual, corporate media and government has lied to you yet again. Yes, I know you’re not surprised.

With all of “the confusion” after the votes today that led to the passing of TPA, and the blockage of TAA, nobody seemed to know what was going on. It has since been reported and established that speaker Boehner was able to put together a new vote on TAA, which according to our sources will be held on Tuesday.

Business as usual in the Abyss, as the pretend government can now most likely make the provisions for TAA, much, much worse.

Yes, TAA failed today. Mark my words though, this was a trick and slight-of-hand. For what, we don’t know, but it is more than likely that we will see a new provision snuck in at the last -minute which will only have more negative consequences for our freedoms, and our economy.

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Andrew Pontbriand is an Activist, the Founder and Writer for The Resistance Journals, as well as a contributor to the Activist Post and Political Junkie. Andrew is also the Author of the eBook “Escape From Tyranny,” which will be released in print this summer. Full Bio on Muck Rack.

Andrew Pontbriand

June 8, 2015

An in-depth look at McKinney Texas, media portrayal, the officer involved, and race baiting tactics used to fuel the fire.

What has quickly turned into a nationwide story, the town of McKinney, Texas  is the new center of attention for Americans. This is yet again another example of the increasingly common use of excessive force by police, but this time it is against a group of teenagers exclusively black.

Understanding McKinney

McKinney, Texas is one the fastest growing suburbs, and although racial segregation is a thing of the past, it is still present in a town like McKinney.

In 2009, the town settled a lawsuit that alleged it was blocking the development of affordable housing that would be built to suit tenants with a section 8 voucher. The buildings were set for construction in the western partnofnthe city, that has more middle-upper class homes, and is 86% white, according to the lawsuit.

Highway 75 is what seems to seperate McKinney into to parts. One, the previously mentioned mostly white west end, and the east side with about 49% white with the remaining 51%, “non-white.” (more…)