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Andrew Pontbriand | Jade Helm Day 3 | July 17, 2015
Interview Contributed by: (host) Chris J. Perkins, Mark Cummings, Michael Wagner

exclusive.chattanooga shooter.mohammod youssuf. shootings.marines dead tennessee.
The “Chattanooga Shooter,” Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, was said to be an average American, and the people who knew him said they couldn’t believe he could have committed the acts of murdering Marines.

On Thursday July 16, 2015, during the Live broadcast of Authentic Enlightenment Radio, one of our listeners by the name of JD called in and informed us his neighbor would like to come on the show and share her side of the story. JD introduced us to his neighbor, who is “good friends with the family,” of the suspect and she gave us an exclusive insight, live on the show. (more…)