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Andrew Pontbriand

June 14, 2015

Fear mongering. It is an unacceptable form of journalism or reporting used to strike fear into a target audience. However, how do we distinguish between fear mongering, and a legitimate warning based on evidence and fact, that generates fear simply due to the nature of information.

This report to some may be interpreted as an attempt to “fear monger,” or sensationalise, however that’s just not the case. With events that have already occurred, are occurring now, (some of which have been ignored or buried in the news) or about to unfold, it is our duty to report troubling news. Texas, the Lone Star State has a revolutionary history second to none. Texas fought for it’s independence once already, joined the Confederated States in the Civil War, and has threatened seccesion many times. So, what is the point?

Texas has been targeted lately, over and over again. Here is just a RECENT timeline, just showing events in 2015 alone.

There seems to be an odd, re-occurring pattern that is ongoing, in regards to Texas. Speaking in private to a few well-known researchers of geopolitics and understand domestic insurrection all seem to agree, that Texas would be the first State to form a unified front, or the first to be attacked. (more…)



Andrew Pontbriand
June 11, 2015

With the government encroaching more and more every day on our civil liberties, an out-of-control police state, and the growing possibility of food shortages and civil unrest, one may start to wonder not if America will face in insurrection, but when?

Empires come and go, and the United States is no different. This is a fact that Americans are going to have to accept at one point. That is a con of being an empire, you know that at some point in your future, impending collapse is certain. You can be a successful, wealthy, and technologically advanced civilization without being a bully on the world stage. You can be the best, and the most successful without disregarding international law, while bombing countries that violate it, torture enemies against rules of war, and eventually turn your weapons on your own. Sadly, the United States government chose the path of empire.

The stage has been set, and once again another example of our Armed forces openly training to prepare for our worst nightmare has come to pass, with at least 60 New York National Guardsmen of the 102nd Military Police Battalion conducting it’s annual training at Fort Drum. The Detachment houses a Mock Detainment Facility.
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A press release detailed what the soldiers spent their time doing during the training which included practicing pat downs, biometric checks, and running detainees through hygiene stations. The troops also practiced conducting psychological evaluations.

“What we are conducting here are full-scale operations in order to bring everyone into the fold for what is necessary to run a detention facility properly,” said Capt. Nicholas Monuteaux in the release.

“It is very necessary to ensure all our military policemen and small engineer contingent develop, build or refine their duties and responsibilities.”

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(INTELLIHUB) — The Army’s new camouflage uniforms are set to hit store shelves July 1 for beta-testing before being launched in solidarity Jan. 2016.

Via YouTube Dahboo77

Via YouTube Dahboo77

Interestingly enough the new uniform appears to be printed in a woodland-type pattern and almost looks as if it would work perfectly domestically.

Additionally a few new features have been added for functionality.

Soldiers will be able to use the older Operation Enduring Freedom pattern until 2019, according to the Army although the new pattern is preferred.

It’s interesting to note that this new ‘domestic looking pattern’ will be available just before JADE HELM 15 kicks off mid-July.

Via Shepard Ambellas

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