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James Boulware, the man was reportedly shot dead by a Dallas Police Sniper, apparently heard voices, according to his mother. This is a pattern among shooters who attack government agents. Coincidence?


Andrew Pontbriand
June 16, 2015

Resistance Journals Special Report:

James Boulware, was shot dead by a SWAT sniper the day of the Dallas Police Shootout, where James used an armored van to lead an assault. It is still unclear whether James acted alone, although police seem to be convinced of that, while others including myself are not.
The reports you can see below, which I wrote as the events took place, suggest it was almost guaranteed James did not act alone.
Regardless, the video below sheds new insight on the events that transpired, as both of the shooters parents report James had “reached a breaking point,” and also stated he, “was hearing voices…”

Watch the video below to see a possible connection between James Boulware, and mind control.

Watch on Andrew’s YouTube Channel (more…)


Andrew Pontbriand

June 13, 2015

The Resistance Journals, has been covering this story since early Saturday morning. As the events started to quickly unfold, reports began to conflict between news agencies and the Local police department. Then, eyewitnesses released video of the shootings as they occurred, which showed a black (armored) van driving erratically and firing dozens upon dozens of gun shots at police.


Early this morning, I began to realize patterns I have seen before, and reported inconsistencies about this story. Unfortunately it seems as though the active shooter event unfolded too perfectly, to be a naturally occurring event.

In fact it had several earmarks of a false flag attack.— What are some of the year marks of a false flag attack? (more…)