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Andrew Pontbriand | July 15, 2015; (Jade Helm Day)

UPDATE: 8:30 pm Est | We have received confirmation from a T-Mobile employee that T-Mobile’s Service went down “nation wide for 15 minutes.” This article, with the official data map from Down Detector, showed coverage losses for AT&T. This now confirms the reports that multiple carriers experienced disruptions from a “computer glitch.” I want to also point out that the Flight radar tracker also experienced a glitch a few times today as well. So, my reports were accurate, and this all happened on the first day of Jade Helm. 

Today is a very important day in history, as one of the most anticipated, feared, and probably misunderstood drills of all time starts. Today, Jade Helm 15 goes live, and the Artificial Intelligence Interface will essentially begin it’s transition to taking over the Military as a new “command prompt.”

We will have a full report covering what Jade Helm is, and isn’t later today.

Is Jade Helm to blame for today’s cellular outages?

As of now though, right in line with the launch of Jade, which in short, is an A.I. Quantum Computing System, Cellular service has been dropping at an unprecedented rate. First, it seemed the State of California was targeted, but according to Down Detector, it seems as though this has started to spread across the country, so far limited mostly to AT&T, however reports are beginning to come in about other service providers having issues. (more…)


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Andrew Pontbriand
July 3, 2015

This video shows a huge military convoy apparently headed towards D.C. The man who took this video is Rich Kent, an individual who claims to be over throwing the US government tomorrow, on the 4th of July.


Andrew Pontbriand

June 13, 2015

The Resistance Journals, has been covering this story since early Saturday morning. As the events started to quickly unfold, reports began to conflict between news agencies and the Local police department. Then, eyewitnesses released video of the shootings as they occurred, which showed a black (armored) van driving erratically and firing dozens upon dozens of gun shots at police.


Early this morning, I began to realize patterns I have seen before, and reported inconsistencies about this story. Unfortunately it seems as though the active shooter event unfolded too perfectly, to be a naturally occurring event.

In fact it had several earmarks of a false flag attack.— What are some of the year marks of a false flag attack? (more…)

bp_fema_regions_map.gifFEMA REGIONS & INTERNMENT CAMPS

Many people are still unaware that FEMA Regions even exist. Those who are blisfuly unaware, would be even more shocked to find out things like, REX 84, FM 3-39.40 (Internment & Resettlement Operations) & the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act, all involve FEMA, the continuity of Government, and the creation, funding, supply, and building of FEMA Camps. ( All links provided at the bottom of page )

Philippine's military capture a picture of new Islands.

Philippine’s military capture a picture of new Islands.

Andrew Pontbriand

May 25, 2015

“Foreign military aircraft, this is Chinese navy. You are approaching our military alert zone. Leave immediately.” This was audio received by a manned US surveillance plane from the Chinese Navy. The US has been flying what is now declassified surveillance flights over the South China Sea.fiery_cross2

A Navy P8-A Poseidon has been flying over the Fiery Cross Reef, in the Spratly Island chain where the Chinese have reclaimed its territory and has undergone enormous island building operations in waters as deep as 300 feet. China claims ownership of virtually the entire South China Sea, which is home to some of the busiest maritime trade routes in the world. (more…)