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  1. Re: Time To Revolt: This Article Could Get Me Arrested… June 18, 2015
    Face the truth. People follow those who support, reflect and allow their own values, beliefs and ideas. They love those who make their wrongs seem right.
    These people are gutless and weakened through their needs. Flesh over rides Spirit and the Spirit is being sold unto death.
    The government waits on it’s perches and spies out the reasoning, doubts and questioning they may cause then they tend to the feedback accordingly. Poof! Answers solved.
    Facebook and the like are as sounding boards to wear the people out much like a protest. The demonstration is supervised and allowed until it goes contrary to the desires of the “vultures”.
    Q. Is It Now Time To Consider A Revolution? A. Yesterday, last week or years ago was the time. Many work to no avail to educate, wake, nudge and motivate “The People”. As I stated some of “us” are for “them”.
    When this revolution which for some has started at least in the stages of preparing heart, mind and soul becomes realized my plan will be in effect. No one can protect me better than myself . I have the game plan, weapons and mind set. I just need to hear the trump.
    Of course I know The Declaration…Again I say No One has the guts, glory or motivation. Many like it the way it is. Many feel they are screwing the system under the radar. As long as they can do what they want as long as kissing ass they will kiss ass.
    Do not forget we have more than interior and by only being consumed by it takes away from the barometer. People are missing the signs. All of this tyranny will happen but it is just “labor pains” of a worse monster. We will defeat it and it will come back with a vengeance and that is when the rubber meets the road.
    War has been declared on both sides – it is what you do not hear or see that should worry one.
    New Deal? Nothing new about Communism’s ugly cousin socialism and no Nation has survived either. Failure every time.
    Again the people decide. They will go along until it all crumbles and then it will be everyone against everyone until “Pretty Boy Floyd” comes in and causes deception once again. A deception that shall fall to their bitterness and reap blood upon their heads.


  2. d says:

    Check this out. Letter to president “Day of Action” is 8-30-15

    After that look up the events that occurred due to the previous ” americas preparathon” in april 2015…. google it


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